Malice over Joe Biden: The US President is mocked on social media for an alleged teleprompter slip of the tongue. But maybe something else was behind the blunder.

US President Biden is being mocked on social media because during a lecture he is said to have read instructions from a teleprompter in addition to the actual speech. The President was speaking about protecting women’s abortion rights when he made the alleged mistake. In recordings, he can be heard saying “Repeat the line.” He later says “End of quote” several times.

Conservatives in particular got on the topic in the USA, and Elon Musk also tweeted mockingly about the slip of the tongue.

In fact, it could not have been a slip of the tongue. Because the use of “end of quote” (“end of quote”) is very often used in American parlance to emphasize the use of quotations in speeches.

And the line “Repeat the line” could not have been an instruction, but actually part of the manuscript. Because the White House puts the speeches of the US President online – and there you can find the quote “Let me repeat the line”, which was probably intended to emphasize a passage. Biden may have only swallowed two words.

The US President has struggled with a speech disorder since childhood, and has also spoken publicly about how he is dealing with his stutter.