Testimony: France, Laval

Professional: David Martellino, general manager, ACQ Résidentiel

Start of work: May 2021

End of work: in progress

France: First of all, this house represents the memories of my childhood. I was not born in Laval, but I remember very well the arrival of my youngest sister, my parents who placed the shell on the table so that I could meet her for the first time. This house in some way represents our family history and the anecdotes associated with it. Following the death of my parents, it was difficult for my sisters and I to understand that we would no longer be able to enter the house if it was sold, so I decided to buy it back. My childhood home has therefore become my home, and a legacy for my children.

France: The project aimed to improve the condition of the house, which had lacked maintenance for several years, causing, in some cases, damage that urgently needed to be repaired. Another part of the project was to improve the aesthetics of the house. The agreement was that the contractor would use the summer holidays to carry out all the work.

France: I became aware that the work carried out by the contractor was not suitable. The deadline for the work was well past, so I was able to cancel the contract. On the other hand, I spent a considerable amount of money to do this apprenticeship. Urgent or risky work is now almost all carried out; for aesthetic work, they will have to be spread over several years.

France lives alone, but Maude, her child, lives in the small apartment located in the basement. She has been a primary school teacher for several years. She is a knowledgeable person, but she admits to not knowing the renovation industry – which is also the case for many women who live alone. A less well-informed clientele, therefore more vulnerable.

Not only did the first contractor not meet deadlines, but also the work was not compliant. The latter did not hire an electrician, and the sockets no longer worked. He didn’t hire a plumber so he never hooked up the new refrigerator as requested. He carried out unnecessary work that is not sustainable. France must redo the entire ceramic work since the support is not suitable and the tiles are breaking.

She’s not the only one ! We recently conducted a study: 49% of people surveyed who plan to renovate their property in the next 12 months describe themselves as having little or no experience in this area. The same study also reveals that 68% of people considering renovations have never heard of quality guarantees to protect their work and ensure its quality.

We help consumers carry out their renovation projects with complete confidence and support them throughout the project, thanks to the variety of our products and services. We are there upstream – through our contractor prequalifications -, during the project – thanks to our multiple inspections at key stages -, as well as downstream, during after-sales service. We ensure that the client is dealing with qualified professionals carefully accredited through a rigorous process, who respect construction standards and take care to provide quality service during the work.

Whether it is flooring work or a house extension, our experts are available to meet the needs of individuals – regardless of the size of the project. For us, nothing is more important than the quality of the work and the peace of mind of the people who will live in the residence concerned. ACQ Résidentiel is proud to be able to offer solutions adapted to all consumers.

As in the case of France, it is possible that your contractor’s work does not meet construction quality requirements. Consumers can count on our conciliation experts to quickly handle anything that may happen once the project is delivered, if applicable. ACQ Résidentiel can support the client in the claims process and follow up with the contractor to ensure corrective work is carried out.

France: We must not forget that we pay for the work and that we have the right to see the progress, and even to ask questions! The hired expert should not feel threatened by questions if he knows his job; It’s reassuring to talk with someone who can give their opinion. For me, what made the difference in the end were the references. Fortunately, I am currently dealing with a new contractor and the experience this time has been very positive!