Actor Rémi Goulet will play Gilles Villeneuve in Daniel Roby’s next feature film, while Rosalie Bonenfant will play the role of his wife, Joann Villeneuve.

Written by Daniel Roby and Guillaume Lonergan and produced by Christian Larouche, Villeneuve will chronicle the early days of the F1 legend, as Monday 8 May marks the 41st anniversary of the racing driver’s death.

In 1970, in a modest environment in Berthierville, the young Gilles Villeneuve, passionate about mechanics and speed, decided to risk everything, including the future of his little family, to carve out a place for himself in the ultra-select world of racing. high-level motoring — a sport normally reserved for the wealthy elite.

In anticipation of filming, which is scheduled for next winter, Christal Films Productions is looking for racing snowmobiles (1970 to 1974) and Formula Ford (1973) and Formula Atlantic (1973 to 1976) racing cars.

Christal Films has produced a number of biographical films in recent years, including Gerry (2011), Louis Cyr (2013) and Confessions (2022), while producer Christian Larouche is currently working on film projects on Guy Lafleur and Diane Dufresne .