What you may have to do this coronatijden? The news bulletins are full of directives, commandments and prohibitions, but there is so much info on here that it may not be as significant. Thus, Remco Evenepoel and his friend Oumi not what they can do. “Joe, Ham, and Marc Van Ranst: you have to speak with each other.”

“Joe, Ham, and Marc Van Ranst: you have to speak with each other”, tweette Evenepoel. “The one that says that you and your baby are allowed to visit (only), and the other is not. I live, literally 100 meters away from my friend, and we don’t know clearly what is included and what is not. Both of them are only in the home, and to exercise them.”

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to His followers to have, some of the responses: “The only way to love another is to see if it is near the resident, or a regular walk, or fietspartner it is. But you have to have the rules of social distance to keep.”

But some of them also have a solution for the two of them: “continue to see each other, it is also always an option…”

More about Remco Evenepoel, Behind every olympic winner is a mom, even in these difficult times: “did It hurt when He tears on the phone hung up”, and “My heart is really hurt when he was crying on the phone hung up” Pack is not set up with the initiative of minister De Crem: “This is one of the most stupid rules”, Remco Evenepoel is looking forward, after a delay in the Giro and the Olympics: “I’m thinking of the Vuelta a españa, but the world cup is a big goal,”