Olav Brostrup Müller is a regular columnist in the radio program Statement.

If you are reading this, the world has still not gone under in the nuclear war.

There are in fact only days ago the american president was standing there on the golf club and threatened to drown North Korea in a sea of flames and wrath. It flammehavet would probably have been the last we saw, both he and we.

On a level felt it all so absurd, so out of date. Atomtrusselen, somehow another time, it has a slight whiff of the beard and the pram and brown kordfløyelsbukser.

dropping to die in a nuclear attack, is a Norwegian value.

we have been there before. on the Night of 26. september 1983, for example. I had celebrated my seksårsdag the day before and lay like millions of other children, and slept, while a Russian officer by the name of Stanislav Petrov averted world destruction by refusing to obey standing orders.

he looked at the screen, he believed, was not a us nuclear missile heading toward the Soviet union, but an error in the system. He wagered both life and career that he had the right, and the pressure therefore is not on the button. And the day after we stood up, all together, and the world continued.

the Story is offbeat. Just as unfathomable is it that the atomic bomb, this weapon, which long since should have been classified as a crime against humanity, still exists.

Monday kicked the Norwegian election campaign started in earnest, when the country’s politicians and commentators meet for halvlitersglassene in Arendal.

Nuclear weapons are not going to be the first thing they dwell on, on the contrary, they have plenty else to talk about: Who should be allowed to go with a visible cross in the neck, for example, or what is worst of circumcision per. jet ski or the introduction of mandatory bicycle helmet on the wolf.

The next few weeks, we’re going to discuss Jonah, and Erna, as if they were two realitydeltakere to tune out before the next episode.

Is Jonas really kjipere than he pretends? Is Erna and Siv really girlfriends? And what is it with Trine, why do she that all of the death and life must be about her? And what about Knut Arild, but will he stand with under roseseremonien 11. september?

dropping to see that the crops die, the is a English value.

When the united nations in the summer passed a historic ban on nuclear weapons, was not Norway among the countries that voted for. Nato-country Norway did not even have to participate in the negotiations on the new treaty. The government line was to boycott the whole process.

A search on the keyword “nuclear weapons” on the website of the progress party and the centre party – the two parties so far in the election have talked to warmest on Norwegian values – provides zero hits.

It all should be pretty simple: to drop, to die in a nuclear attack, is a Norwegian value. It to drop to see that the crops die, the is a English value. It to drop to find that the water no longer drinkable or that the children never play outdoors, is a Norwegian value. It that the world’s future rather not need to depend on two nervesvake men with a finger on each button, well, strictly speaking, also a Norwegian value.

most other things are details, namely. And it should not come as a bomb.

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