You closed Simba to the heart? They always get wet eyes, as soon as somewhere “Circle of Life” sound out of the speakers? If Yes, you can be assured of that. Because the new real film-Version of “The Lion King”, which has been running since Thursday in the Swiss cinemas, offers everything that made the Original from the year 1994 to a memorable classic. Clear – the animals are now animated in the computer, instead of Elton John singing the other, and sometimes the Whole thing reminds a bit of “Grzimeks animal life”. However, the story and the characters, has acquired Remake specialist Jon Favreau more or less setting for setting. This is not particularly original, but visually stunning, and coherent.

The Creative, the parent company of the lion king has always been in terms of making money. The series offshoot, the second-exploitation, Musicals, theme parks, and an imposing Merchandising-supply of lunch boxes to bedding – when it comes to the own work into a cash converting power of the house of the mouse, no-one. For some time now Disney has found a new Golden goose: new versions of animated films like “Aladdin”, “The Jungle Book”, “Cinderella” or “Beauty and the Beast” as a real-films – Live-Action-Remakes – let the cash register ring. Because what was a Hit, attracting the masses, thanks to the advances in knitting technology again to the cinema.

The production of Remakes is in full swing despite people don’t actually like them.

The real film Version of “The Lion King” this Trend is now its climax. The Original is justifiably regarded as one of the most popular animated films of all time. As the first Trailer of the computer was released animated Simba a few months ago on Youtube, it took only 24 hours, and the Appetizer has been watched over 200 million Times. No wonder, the production of Live-Action Remakes in full swing. In the next few months, new versions of the cartoon classics like “Mulan”, “The Little Mermaid” or “The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be” to see again on the big screen; further implementations are planned.
Because of the lucrative concept seems to rivet and nail: a Festival for the whole family, these films have a huge potential audience. Parents, for example, can revel in the memories while you share with your children at the same time an emotional experience.

Not for nothing that experts in the new “The Lion King” reckon that the Film creates, the brand of a billion dollars in worldwide revenues. In the best case scenario, he should be shot, even in the spheres of the most successful films of all time to advance and in addition to “Avatar,” “Star Wars” or “Avengers”movies in the League of Blockbuster, with over two billion US Dollar revenues thrones.

The critics are harsh with the recast

But if “The Lion King” is actually the king at the Box Office, is uncertain. The critics went with the recast unexpectedly harsh. Many complain that the Film is technically an experience, let the heart and the magic of the original but miss. “The beauty of the images that entranced the eye, without touching the soul”, was the verdict about the “Wall Street Journal”. A “very nicely made, but the creative bankruptcy of the Studios, the biting with this Film, even in the tail”, etched even in the “IndieWire”. In fact, some of it is for Disney, “The Lion King” in spite of the current euphoria on the game. Because after the first Live-Action Remakes have been received with open arms, must show now, whether the audience embraces this concept in the long term. Critical evidence has already been given. The Flop of Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” is not showed in the spring of that movie theater taste-goers gloomy or weird versions of classics from your Childhood.

And in the run-up to the latest versions of “Aladdin” was Disney with a veritable Shitstorm faced: The blue colored not Will Smith came on as a human Version of Robin Williams spoken bottles-spirit from the animated film Hit of 1991. And as the finished Film was then shown to the press, gave it a beating: The modern approach by Director Guy Ritchie (“Snatch”, “Sherlock Homes”films) was considered to be inappropriate and unloving felt. “Even the flying carpet looks in the Film shabbily,” wrote a critic.

“the lion king” becomes the yardstick for the Trend

Actually, the makers are stuck in the Dilemma. Try it with a rotary, you run the risk that you will scare with the new Version of the target audience. You stay close to the Original, before you throw you lack of Imagination and a rip-off.

The new “Lion King” for Disney, therefore, to the degree the knife: the movie as hoped for box office records, it will crawl the archives to yet more candidates for Live-Action Remakes. Of the 250 million U.S. back-Dollar strip, however, is below expectations, this should be a in Hollywood as a sign that the audience has become the Trend already tired. Again a Royal task for the little Lion cub Simba.

Oh Yes, very good even. For me it was earth-shattering. I often have the feeling that I’ve seen the movie as a little Boy. But In reality, I was already 17 years old. The colors, the history, the vibrancy – the Film transported me back to my Childhood. In addition, The Lion King is playing in Africa, what was then still a rarity. This was very important for me, my family and my environment.

There are certainly some similarities between Scar and me. As an actor, I need to understand my characters and his actions can understand. In the case of Scar, this was not particularly difficult, because I think he has traits that are found in all of us. We all have but sometimes the urge for more. But most of us can control that urge. But there are also people, especially in politics, do not know this limit.

(laughs) Not really, no. I enjoy it but whenever my job gives me the opportunity to derust my vocal cords again. I have also been on the theatrical stage sung a part for me in the case of an actor simply.

My work makes me happy. My family makes me happy. I am constantly trying to find the right Balance between these two things. This is not always easy. But if it works, I am completely satisfied and relaxed.

No. But I believe that there are many people who would talk to me as quite contradictory. I just love what I do. I enjoy the creativity.

To be honest: I’ve never understood them really. As the large networks started to appear, I somehow missed the connection. And after that, I never had the feeling that I would have to find him again. I tried it a couple of Times, but pretty quickly decided it’s not for me. Sorry!