Released new data on infected COVID

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world reached 2 628 527. The pandemic has covered 185 countries. This is evidenced by data project at Johns Hopkins University.

The increase in the number of cases per day was 64.4 thousand people.

Since the beginning of the pandemic died 183 424 of the patient, even 784 986 recovered.

Most affected by coronavirus countries are the USA (824,8 thousand), Spain (204,1 thousand), Italy (183.9 thousand), France (159,2 thousand) and Germany (148,4 thousand). Moreover, the level of mortality from COVID-19 in the European countries antileech is about 10 percent.


Night it was reported that in USA, a leader in the number of cases was first recorded transmission of the virus from humans to domestic cats.

In Russia since the beginning of the epidemic became ill 57 999 people. Of them have already recovered 4420, 540 patients had died.

It became known that the Moscow city Fund of obligatory medical insurance (MGTS) explained the peculiarities of payment for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. In the corresponding letter sent to heads of medical institutions and the insurance medical organizations, notes that the Foundation will not compensate for the cost of care for patients, if they did not come by ambulance, and was admitted to hospital through other channels (planned, chance).

In addition, it was estimated that the coronavirus had died of 0.002 percent of the population. According to this indicator, the current outbreak is not even in the top twenty most deadly pandemics in human history.