Although it may cost older danes, so have some relatives disregarded all the rules and tried to cheat their way in at several different nursing homes to visit their relatives.

It tells Emil Tang, director of the Danish Diakonhjem, which includes the approximately 70 health care facilities, including 50 nursing homes.

“The biggest challenge, as we here in the us are experiencing right now, are relatives, which is not allowed to visit the residents. In general, people understand very well why, but there are some who neither can or will understand it,” he says.

Covid-19 is particularly dangerous for older and frail citizens. That is why the residents of the country’s nursing homes at high risk of dying from covid-19. If a visitor takes the infection at a nursing home, then it may mean the death of several residents.

Anyway, some people seen large on the interests of the elderly for the benefit of visiting their elderly relatives.

“the Staff has denied relatives access to plejehjemmene precisely in order to avoid the residents becoming infected. Unfortunately, there are some who can not or will find out. Therefore, they have sneaked on to the terrassedøren and tried to get into that,” says Emil Tang and continues:

“Or even have tried to knock on the window of the elderly to get in,” says Emil Tang.

In total, there have been four cases where staff have had to take a serious talk with the person concerned.

“We have said that they simply may not be familiar, and in all cases – except one – then people become ashamed, you have apologised and immediately left the site,” says Emil Tang.

“Yes, there, the staff had to speak with big letters, because there was no understanding of the gravity of the situation. We are threatened not with the police, but subsequently the staff has talked about, that it could be a necessary step to take to contact the police,” says Emil Tang.

He stresses, however, that there was not talk of a threatening situation.

There have been stories on nursing homes, where coronavirussen has created chaotic conditions. Liberal Media describes that, in a nursing home in Trekroner have been absurd modes with more dead.

last week described the B. T. also how an elderly man, who was sick of the covid-19, ended up as a pawn in the Danish health care system.

B. T. has on Wednesday, however, been in contact with Ældresagen and FOA which organizes the 40,000 employees at the Danish nursing homes. Here one has the impression that it generally goes well on the Danish nursing home, after last week came detailed instructions on the area from the Danish Health and medicines authority.

“We hear some skrækeksempler around, where, among other things, isolates the elderly are completely at their rooms, though they are not sick. But we also hear many positive stories, where you can handle the situation and still stimulate the elderly,” says Nina Bruun, consultant in Ældresagen.

The experience share director Emil Tang which is continuously in dialogue with the leaders on the Danish Diakonhjems nursing home.

“We have about 2,500 residents are spread across our nursing homes, and only one is found positive with covid-19. Some individual is however hospitalized with the suspicion of the disease,” he says, and continues:

“We have staff who are sick, but some, however, are in isolation at home, as it is suspected that they may have been exposed to the infection,” says Emil Tang.

Emil Tang do not want to disclose what nursing homes have experienced, that families tried to sneak into the area.