Relatives of Mikhail Khachaturian, who was killed by three daughters, challenged the Deputy public Prosecutor Victor Greene, which approved the indictment. They admit that he might be interested in the outcome of the case, as previously tried to apply the qualification, which is not agreed even his then chief – Prosecutor General Yury Chaika.

Recall, 2 December 2019, the criminal case with the indictment was sent to the Prosecutor General.

after 10 days with a signature of Victor green was issued a decree to return the case to the investigator for further investigation. The Deputy Prosecutor General pointed out with reference to the Plenum of the Supreme court that the actions of the sisters in England should be regarded as self-defense.

the Decision was appealed by the investigators of the General Prosecutor and on 27 December, signed by Yury Chaika was made a new resolution. According to the document case was returned to the UK, but with a completely different message. Thus, the attorney General pointed out that the motive of the crime and the very purpose of the attacks was not checked properly. Namely, Yuri Chaika notes that in the period when Mikhail Khachaturyan was hospitalized, with his cards daughter spent a significant amount of money (first reported by “MK”), in connection with what they feared aggression. About the preparation for the murder of sisters shows them seized correspondence and other materials of the case.

the decision stated that all of these significant data were obtained after carrying out a comprehensive sexologo court-psychological and psychiatric examinations and were not examined by experts. By the way, these studies were assigned, when the criminal case consisted of two (!) volumes, and now they are thirty.

it Turns out that the attorney General did not agree with the qualification of the Deputy and pointed to the factual circumstances of the case, speaking about the presence of the sisters of selfish motive in the murder, and questioned the conclusions of experts, which are not based on a comprehensive, comprehensive and objective examination of all the evidence collected.

– Conclusions of the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin radically contradict established by Yury Chaika, the facts, which is why they are unfounded. The recent ruling of the attorney General ruled out the qualification of the necessary defense, says the author of the statement about the withdrawal, the representative of the injured party (sister and brother-in-law Mikhail Khachaturian) George Koguashvili – Text allotment has already been sent by e-mail.

in addition, according to the lawyer, the investigation had not complied with the orders of Yuri Chaika. According to the interlocutor, instead of assigning the re-examination was formally conducted additional IPthe following, which did not rate prescribed by the attorney General of the facts. Almost in the same form 30 June a criminal case under article “Murder” involving two sisters Khachaturian (angelina and Baptisms, Junior Maria is likely to be sent for compulsory treatment) was received by the General Prosecutor for approval of the indictment. The relatives of the murdered Mikhail Khachaturian think that Viktor grin can be associated with its previously expressed position and ask the attorney-General to withdraw his Deputy.