Sergey Krylov was formerly very popular, not only with the songs, he was considered one of the biggest performers on stage.

The singer known for the song "my Girl". Previously, he was often invited to different shooting and concerts, now it is practically unknown. The artist leads a private life: it wasn’t published, almost never gives interviews. However, reporters learned that the singer moved and Moscow to Sochi. He leads a healthy lifestyle. Lost a lot of weight.

"I used to weigh 124 pounds and more, and now 108. It turns out, got rid of about 20 pounds. I was quite happy", – said the artist.

According to Sergei Krylov, he did not resort to any diet. The singer lost weight thanks to many hours of walking. He walks every day, reeling in the miles.

"In the day I walk 12 to 15 miles. It is convenient for me: I live in Sochi, in the Olympic Park area. There is where carousing. In Sochi I’m comfortable", – the singer admitted.

He noted that it recognized on the streets. And the contractor changed the attitude towards such an important issue as sex. Sergey Krylov is convinced that should they do not for pleasure, but for procreation.