The “green inflation” with ever higher taxes and the Ukraine crisis are causing painful fuel prices despite the tank discount. Other car-related costs are also exploding. FOCUS Online shows 20 ways to save – some only cost a few moves.

German drivers are extremely shaken at the petrol pump. Due to multiple taxation, our petrol prices are traditionally noticeably higher than in most other EU countries. In 2020, an additional CO2 tax was added, which, despite the economic and energy circles, is expected to increase sharply in the future. The Ukraine war then turned into the “perfect storm” for motorists, making fuel even more expensive due to supply bottlenecks and sanctions. The result: if the tank discount did not exist, a liter of petrol would immediately cost over 2 euros again.

So it’s no wonder that everyone who can’t or doesn’t want to switch from the car to other means of transport now drives as economically as possible. And you can not only save on fuel consumption, you can also do something about other costs related to the car. Even experienced car owners do not immediately come up with some tips. FOCUS Online gives 20 pieces of advice on how you can limit the cost madness around the car – before driving, while driving and when maintaining your car.

Of course, you at the wheel have the greatest influence on what the fun costs in the end. You can do this:

Despite the high fuel prices, you can still save money through intelligent refueling. Use a tank app that shows you the current prices of gas stations in the area. Avoid expensive gas stations. For example, if you are driving on the freeway, it is worth making a two or three kilometer detour to a truck stop off the freeway instead of stopping at a more expensive freeway gas station. Pick the beginning of the week and the evening after 6 p.m. to refuel – then the prices at the columns are usually a little cheaper.

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You can also prepare your car:

You can also save a few euros here: