The energy crisis affects all areas of life. For many citizens, even the rental and ancillary costs are becoming a challenge. That is why the housing allowance will be reformed from 2023, so that more households are entitled to the subsidy – the official online calculator will tell you more.

The housing benefit is intended to help families with low incomes to cover the costs of rent or owner-occupied housing. According to Statista, around 618,000 households in Germany were recipients of these state aid payments totaling 1.3 billion euros in 2020.

In view of rising energy prices and ever higher rental costs, the group of recipients of the housing allowance is to be expanded from January 2023, according to an announcement by Chancellor Scholz – for example by including heating costs in the calculations.

How much each individual household gets is calculated using a formula:

What exactly the new regulations will look like from January 2023 is still unclear at the moment. Therefore, the housing benefit calculator is not yet helping you to find out whether you will be eligible.

However, you can start dealing with it now. The following fields must be filled out in the online calculator:

Once you have filled out all the points, click on the “Calculate” button. Then you can see whether and how much housing benefit you would probably receive.