Eight Swiss francs. So much of the Badi-entry to my residence costs. Recently I was there again.

it was Only after I had paid, I realized: Actually, I would go with a Saisonabo better than the day ticket. I didn’t have to go more often to swim. So I bought the subscription.

That I had paid the single entry already, was not the cashier right. Although I defended myself – it was my mistake to have not previously switched, she insisted me for the Ticket refund and cancelled the entry. We chatted for a while, then she wished me a lot of Fun in the water.

A few days later, I got an unexpected Post. The sender of the Badi cashier was. You have completely forgotten me to return the money, then really, she wrote and apologized for it. I had not noticed the loud chit – chat-and the money will not be missed.

I was pleased. Is beautiful, there are so sincere people! In the letter the woman sent to me only words of love. But also a coin. Eight Swiss Francs.