Bodin upper secondary school has put down a “nærværsteam”.

This contains both the helsesykepleier, oppfølgingstjenesten and counselors will be available to both students and teachers.

the Results are good:

Waiver of pupils at Bodin upper secondary school went down from six to under one per cent after the reorganization of the elevtjenesten.

the Idea is to work more cross-disciplinary and centered around the students who need facilitation, ” explains Ragnhild Holmen Waldahl by Nordlandsforskning.

– We are many students here, but all are seen. I think that is one of the largest plusspoengene to school, ” says student Rikardo Buschorn.

Now, should the same model be used by several other schools here in the country.

Less absence after fraværsgrensa: – But those who struggled before are struggling even more in the day So did the idea

the Idea of a nærværsteam occurred by Bodin high school in Bodø.

They have worked a long time with to get different disciplines to work together in the best interest of the student.

It has worked over all expectations, ” says one of the initiators, advisor Ronny Olsen.

Students Rikardo, Nicole and Precious is happy that they are seen at Bodin upper secondary school.

Photo: Bente H. Johansen / NRK

– Before we started nærværsteamet dropped six per cent of the students out. After a few years, we had a record low one per cent response. Now, this has stabilised at two percent, says Olsen.

He says the key is to arrive early on the path to see what is difficult for the learner:

Everyone knows that this is important, but it’s about to get it from words to action. And we must exploit the resources we already have in a better way.

the National had 14.9 per cent of those who started in high school in 2011, stopped within five years. This is according to a faktasjekk Actually published in 2018.

Teach others

Bodin has travelled around schools in the several counties to guide how others can start up such a team:

It is of course funny that a local action means we get to guide schools in four counties and taught others the how they can drive a nærværsteam.

the Results were so interesting that several researchers have connected on.

Nærværsteamet has worked over all expectations, according to one of the initiators, advisor Ronny Olsen.

Photo: Bente H. Johansen / NRK

In three years, Nordlandsforskning, the University of Bergen and Oxford Research studied the phenomenon. It also has schools in the four counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, Sogn and Fjordane and Hordaland.

This tells the forskingsleder by Nordlandsforskning Ragnhild Holmen Waldahl.

– We see that the schools that follow the template to Bodin has, the more likely that the more conducting the educational process.

that not helsesykepleier and oppfølgingstjenesten is not located at the school, while rådgivningstjenesten it, leading to that it is not so easy to work together.

– It is something to recognize each other’s expertise and exploit this, think Waldahl.

Important to be seen

the Students at the Bodin feel they get the help they need and that it is good to be able to support themselves to the team.

Ragnhild Holmen Waldahl by Nordlandsforskning says it is important to recognize each other’s expertise and exploit it.

Photo: Bente H. Johansen / NRK

I have heard and experienced myself that the team is very available, no matter how big or small the problem is, ” says one of the students at the school, Precious Uwadiae.

She tells us that everyone knows about the team and the students is sought out personally if it is something that is wrong.

– That we get a personal message makes that it becomes very difficult to look away from, ” says Uwadiae and add:

– It can be what it takes to get students to continue in secondary school. I think that this is something we are going to be grateful for later in life.