suffering comrade, sorry comrade, who I used to be the car as as an indispensable means of transportation, you know the deal: site, jam-snake that crawls slower than a snail’s pace, braking, two yards forward, braking, single lane, against traffic yellow flashing and Red is regulated, Green is the hope.

place of abuse: 2.5 km ploughed entrance road from the Glatttal in the city of Zurich Witikon. Two long years, everything here is for 31 million francs new: water lines, drains, bus stops, ticket lines, private Velospur. In the middle of the Chaos on the main intersection, a fixed red light camera, in spite of disturbed traffic in operation.

Recently, on a Friday, I’m happy, but two seconds too late in my column is still slowly slipped by. Flashed! Means according to the road traffic act: “it is not a light signal in mind.” Buses know the city police, 250 francs.

What are you in such a case, as a motorist spontaneously? “Schickane, A Rip-Off!” Must the law always the law?