as Massimo Cellino, the president of the red lantern at Brescia, opposes a return to the Serie A in the month of June. It was on Thursday declared that the Italian sports La Gazzetta dello Sport.

According to Cellino, is the resume of the competition in June is “impractical and unreasonable”. He is supposed to be the team would prefer to not have the field to enter, out of respect for the citizens of the city of Brescia, which has been severely affected by the corona virus. “I’ve been in Brescia,” said Cellino. “We have trucks that are similar to transport. Here we are in the heart of the aids epidemic.”

on Wednesday, the Italian government did not, at the moment, to prolong it from 3 to 13 april, and the Italian football federation (FIGC), once again, the hope was expressed to have in the Serie A at the end of may it continue. The league was established on march 9, shut-down, with still 12 days to go. On Friday, a meeting of the 20 Serie A clubs, with. Cellino is expected there will be “the usual crap”. According to him, health is the most clubvoorzitters don’t care. “They think only of their own interests.”

you can Still play in June and July, according to Cellino, an “impossible the risky tour de force,” is a lot of chaos in terms of contracts, transfer list, and the schedule for the upcoming season.

According to various media blames Lazio president Claudio Lotito Cellino, that the cancellation of this season, the city of Brescia, it would come out, because then the loss would be avoided. That is, according to Cellino, however, nothing in his mind to do.
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