Normally, it is the outfit that Queen Elizabeth is not really much talked about, but this week is a little different. Meanwhile, it surfaced that the name of Meghan Markle in and told us Cindy Crawford, about her encounters with princess Diana. An overview of the situation in the European royal courts.

as for The green outfit, which in the British queen Elizabeth II is the nation’s exceptionally talked about the coronacrisis has been a boon for the Photoshop enthusiasts out there. She enjoyed the color, which is exactly the same as a ‘green screen’, which in the television world, all sorts of things that can be used for mapping. Carte blanche, so to say… Artists have used the canvas to make it digital to be the craziest outfits and to be creative. So it was that the Queen, suddenly the water in the Iron Maiden t-shirt and she’s got a Star Trek look of it.

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The new york magazine, Page Six was the birth of the executive producer in the deal, and there are apparently a couple of eye-catching details. Thus, it is called Meghan Markle actually have full-on as Rachel Meghan Markle. Interestingly, she performed in the series, ‘Suits’, the character Rachel Zane, of the same name, so if its the real one.

in Addition, they will be listed with the description of the ” Princess of the United Kingdom,’ instead of just ‘Duchess of Sussex’. Fans will be particularly surprised by that revelation. ‘Well, she’s technically a princess, but it is not in its own name. She is Her Royal Highness by her husband, prince Harry”, you hear the sound of the commentary in the British newspaper The Mirror.

Also of interest: the charge for one night at the Portland Hospital in London, where she gave birth to was almost 23.000 euros. Earlier became known that the Meghan during her pregnancy, and giving birth to save some money, more or less, over a total of more than a billion dollars of cost, was made.

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in the Meantime, the grandfather, prince Charles , together with Followed , of the corona virus had occurred. As of Monday, the two in the same rooms to stay in to their Scottish residence, Birkhall. The 71-year-old prince is suffering from mild symptoms and was sure of fourteen days and the period of time that was imposed by the British government in the zelfquarantaine to be his wife, not to attack. He could now fully restored it.

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the Monaco is now recovering after being infected with the feline corona virus. He would return home after a hospital stay, and time to spend with his family, but his sister, princess Stéphanie is not happy. That, she said this week in an interview with Monaco Info. “Well, it can end on a good note, however, that it is not for everyone, just in case”, as she said it.

Stéphanie, which is the third and youngest child of prince Rainier and princess Grace, in hopes that there are lessons to draw from the current crisis, and to society as a whole, it will help. “The fact that people treat with each other, not pushing to the front to be able to stand up to himself to think about it.”

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Cindy Crawford in a fifty-minute interview with Naomi Campbell on her YouTube channel, told me about her first meeting with the princess-Diana , twenty years ago. It was said that a visit to Kensington Palace as “very intimidating”. “I was so impressed by her presence, and in the place where I was,” she says over Skype to her fellow-top of the line. “It occurred to me how modest she was, in spite of the fact that there is a lot of protocol involved.” Also, the then-sixteen-year-old prince William was at the event to be present.

the Instagrampagina of the Belgian royal family, was a remarkable film. We are look king Philip and queen Matilda and their children and Elisabeth, Gabriel, Emmanuel, and Eléonore , who is waving to the camera, while those at the grass-ide, of the words ‘courage’ and ‘strength’ are to be formed. “The strength and courage to all the victims and their loved ones. Thank you to all the many helpers and volunteers!”, sounds like it’s in the caption.

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