Realtors made a rating of the disputes of the tenants apartments with their owners

About 17% of tenants faced with the fact that landlord does not fulfil earlier promises made to them. We are talking about cases in which the owner certifies that after moving in, tenants will upgrade housing – for example, hold the repair, fix the problems, acquire household appliances or furniture. To avoid such situations, you need to document an oral agreement to prescribe in the contract the obligations of the lessor and deadlines, advises the Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments INKOM-Nedvizhimost Oksana Polyakova.

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However, about 15% of employers faced with the reluctance of the landlord to do to make a contract of employment, it is called “extra instrument”. Landlords often adhere to this point of view with the aim at any time to raise the rent or to freely evict the tenants before the stipulated period, said Polyakov.

a Lot of controversy arises when the parties have agreed about carrying out of repairs by the tenant and the abolition of payment for this period. After completion of the work, some landlords refuse the arrangements and require to pay my rent. Sometimes it is difficult to solve the problems of cost finishes, sometimes the owners wish to retake renovated apartment is more expensive. In such situations turns out to be 22% of tenants performing in the rented housing repairs. Realtors recommend again to write all the terms of the lease in the contract of employment, an estimate and sign it, and at the end of the work endorse the act of acceptance of works and no claims. “The agreement in the oral form has no legal force, if necessary, the tenant will not be able to prove the legitimacy of his free stay in the apartment and that there is agreement on carrying out of repair work. As a resultthe tenant runs the risk of incurring significant losses,” – emphasizes Polyakov.

5% of tenants find themselves in a situation when they criticized the housing to the wrong person. This happens if the apartment is rented by proxy, tenant regularly sends the Trustee a set amount, but once on the threshold appears the owner of the premises and require tenant’s payment of the last period.

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Turns out, for example, that the documents the Trustee has the right to lease his property, but does not stipulate that it is also entitled to receive the rent. “You should carefully examine the documents, in particular powers of attorney. If you are found in the power of attorney clause on the receipt of rent, discuss it separately,” – suggest realtors.

3% employers face-off in flat water or electricity because of the debts of the owner. The owner refuses to pay due to lack of money. Residents have to either move or extinguish the debt on their own.

“Before signing of the contract of employment ask for a report on utility charges. If you decide to repay debt, fill in writing that this amount will be deducted from the rent. Also at the open house, you should check for a faulty water meters and electricity, and in the contract of employment to pay the last testimony,” – says Polyakov.