Arrivals. Only one station of Adler 10-11 thousand passengers per day that the record for the North-Caucasian railway, reported “RG” in a press-service SKZHD. Downloaded and other stations.

Queues. But even with such tourist traffic train stations do. At the train station in the Central district of Sochi in the afternoon, for example, virtually no queues. Input four frames. Sometimes clusters of people are formed due to the fact that passengers strive for the closest from the entrance to the screening checkpoint.

back to school! the Station is quite prepared for an influx of students and children. Only some vending machines with drinks and snacks on the first floor of the correspondent “RG” counted 23. There’s also a few stalls with food and related products. In addition, as we have already mentioned, on the street, put a children’s Playground, equipped with slides and a climbing frame.

Ramps. The entrance to the station without parapets and equipped with ramps for people with disabilities.

lounge. On the second floor next to the platform is free the waiting room and paid Deluxe room with armchairs. Price – 150 rubles for the first hour, and for each subsequent fee of 15 rubles. The waiting room is practically empty. At the offices of suburban trains people for less than tickets for long distance trains, but no crowds. Both rooms are equipped with sanitary facilities, as well as contact sanitizer at the entrance. The toilet is in the common area on the ground floor.

Innovations. “In the station on the street had become freer at the entrance removed the stalls selling food and drinks, put more benches and children’s town,” say the passengers.

customers. The Elevator to the second floor was not working yesterday. At the station there is a Playground, but it is closed “for technical reasons”.

Arrivals. The number of tourists is average. It is a small area of the stations with a set of standard services – Luggage storage, medical center, ATMs.

back to school! Special preparation for the beginning of school season is not conducted. Any café with a special children’s menu, game room for the children there.

customers. To establish a children’s infrastructure.

Queues. Queues at the entrance there, there are three the metal detector, and conveyor belts. Enough people pass by, not stopping. At the box office going to five or six people.

At the railway station in Kislovodsk (the city is a major Spa resort of Caucasian mineral waters), even in high season, no crowds. Protection unobtrusive, the staff is polite. Correspondent “RG” has witnessed how the security guard enthusiastically told tourists where to go to Kislovodsk rest, how to get tocoprimaterassi. Complaints from passengers on quality of service, we have not heard.

Ramps. There is infrastructure for people with disabilities. Are ramps. Organized several areas for the disabled, where there is a button call staff station, which will help to maintain.

lounge. Seats in the waiting room enough to stand, passengers are not necessary. A lot of free seats, there are benches outside so you can sit outdoors waiting for a train.

Innovations. At the station there is a travel Agency, you can buy a bus ticket and even go to the sea to Krasnodar territory.

Mineral Waters and Kislovodsk connects the train (it passes via Pyatigorsk and Yessentuki). This is the most comfortable and cheapest way to get from one resort city to another. August 1, suburban train began to go faster. From beginning to end of journey is 10 minutes faster. This was made possible thanks to the adjustment of the schedule.

Previously, this route went also “Swallows”, because of the pandemic, it was canceled, although they were popular with tourists and locals. Now they wait to return to the schedule. At the moment, returned to train in Sochi. This route is now considered the tourist train passes through the picturesque places of Caucasian mineral waters.

Arrivals. Every day on the platforms of railway station of Anapa arrives 15-20 trains from the regions of Russia with passengers who wish to relax on the Black sea. With Anapa train station also has daily flights to the resorts of the Crimea, and he closes the routes from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, cities of Siberia and Ural. Therefore, the number of tourists is very large.

Queues. As noted by the employees of the transport police of Anapa, the situation at the station are calm, without incident. Queues on the entrance-way. The building has an underground passage for passengers from the second platform to the Central exit, where not provided for inspection, which could affect movement. In the ticket hall located terminal of an electronic queue.

Ramps. At the station a special officer assists in the support of passengers with disabilities. The building is also equipped with a lift and a ramp. Visiting the sanitary rooms for disabled free of charge.

lounge. It is located on the second floor. There are TVs, coffee machines and even an area with exhibits on the history of the station. Lack of places. In the room with the cashier, Playground for kids, and her under the dome-shaped roof of the winter garden, laid out with the hands team.

customers. In social networks, passengers leave positive comments about the station, noting the numbersTautou and order in the building. However, the list on the left. For example, some people complain about the lack of escalator to the second floor where the waiting room and the exit to the first platform (because of this I have to pull the stairs with heavy bags and suitcases). Others complain about the lack of benches on the platform for paid Parking, a limited number of grocery shops and cafes.

Queues. At the railway station of Simferopol for the August pore unusually uncrowded. Rare passengers leaf through their smartphones waiting for a train. The influx of tourists neither in the halls nor on the platform. At the ticket office two or three people.

“you came, when passengers from an arriving train has left the station and before departure it is still far, – says the head of the station Tamara Presnyakov. – Look, when the train would come, as we will be crowded. Vacationers are coming, and getting bigger”. But then especially no queues.

number of Tourists. According to the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea, the most popular form of travel in this season, the Russians became the road transport. By car or bus to the Peninsula of profit 63 percent of tourists.

Another 32 percent of tourists chose the plane. By the way, the airport of Simferopol in August, the daily takes more than 100 flights on 16 airlines, connecting the Crimea with 56 cities in the country. To get to Crimea by train chose only five percent of tourists. So hype for the season at the railway station of Simferopol one can hardly expect even on the 1st of September.

New. Now in the timetables of long-distance trains five cities on the mainland. Railway connections to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vologda, and Kislovodsk.

Rail traffic on the Crimean bridge opened in December of last year. For this event, stations of the Peninsula brought into compliance with the security requirements and thoroughly repaired. So the gloss with the updated building of the railway station of Simferopol had not yet descended.

lounge. The usual service is working properly. In addition to the waiting rooms there are rest rooms, including specially equipped for disabled people with wheelchairs.

There are cafes, ATMs, adjacent to the work area outlet shops, and the nearby market to buy the remarkable Crimean fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. Passengers with whom managed to communicate, service satisfied. “Everything is convenient, quite comfortable, wanted to bring home the Crimean peaches, so even running and did not have to search all around, – shared his impressions Nikolai of Rostov. – There are signs inside the station and the surrounding area, the visitor won’t get lost.

Easy to find and sanitizer to disinfect hands. In addition ��dressing room they are in several places.

customers. Ramps for people with limited mobility is not everywhere. In the underground access to the third and fourth platforms are not functioning and where they are made, the steepness is such that to leave is not solved and healthy person.

the Playground or room for passengers with children too. However, there is an explanation. “We still continue to apply restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, – explained Tamara Presnyakov. – Therefore, to create the overcrowding of children in a limited area not recommended”.

Arrivals. For all residents of the country travel by rail to the most Western Russian region has only become available in early August. But restrictions remain on the train can pass at a time no more than 200 passengers. For comparison, in past years in summer months one train was carrying 600 to 700 people.

back to school! on the eve of the first of September, no worries there. In fact, Kaliningrad oblast, and had not faced with the excitement of returning students and their parents with the summer holidays. Before the pandemic due to the geographical specifics of the region families with children often spent holidays in neighbouring European countries, reaching the place of rest for cars and buses.

Queue. So hype at the southern station of Kaliningrad, the host of the long-distance trains, no. This is confirmed by the representatives of Kaliningrad Railways, and travelers. In the halls of waiting are enough places. The queue at the entrance, even if they occur shortly before the departure of the train, absorbed in a matter of minutes.

Ramps. With regard to the accessible environment, the South station is one of the most comfortable for people with disabilities within the region. There are lifts and ramps and specially equipped lavatories and rest rooms, and ticket offices with low counters.