the Implementation of such accounting system will create conditions for the formation of a “smart grid” and the digitalization of the industry, said Deputy head of the Ministry Yury Manevich on the webinar “Smart meters”, organized by the magazine “power and industry of Russia”.

According to manevicha, new accounting devices will introduce additional services to consumers and will provide the opportunity for easier integration in network of renewable generation and microgeneration. Small and medium businesses they will allow to minimize power losses, reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

the New meters will transmit data about electricity consumption electricity trading companies (apartment buildings) and network organizations (private houses, small and medium business), freeing the owners from the obligation monthly to manually transmit readings. But the functionality of smart meters is not limited.

“Consumers will be able to check the readings of the meter as by means of the metering device, and remotely, in the mobile app or on the website of the electricity supplier,” – said the expert of the Department on fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services of the Analytical center under the government of the Russian Federation Oleg Kolobov. In addition, using “smart” devices, consumers can monitor power quality (voltage and frequency) and will have the opportunity, if desired, to remotely switch to a different tariff. For owners of objects of microgeneration provided the opportunity to consider not only accepted, but given to the network of electricity.

From July 1, responsibility for the metering devices of the electric power transferred from consumers to its suppliers. This applies to installation, maintenance and repair of metering devices. Now the hassle and associated costs (one meter costing from 5 thousand to 20 thousand RUB.) are the responsibility of the company.