Rogers writes that although Russian President was forced to postpone the Parade in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in world war II, he jumped at the opportunity to speak to the West. Parade postponed to 24 June – on the date when the Victory Parade in 1945. Part in the historical parade was made in the USA and other allies.

this year, a lot is different, the author writes, and the story has become the latest battleground in the information war, which is today a modern international politics. Putin, as the author stresses, not happy with the prospect that the role of his country in the defeat of Nazism can be reduced or not received proper respect. Putin warns against “insults the memory” on the role of the Soviet Union in the Victory.

Putin has warned that the historic revisionism, the manifestations of which are observed now in the West, primarily in relation to the topic of the Second world war threat. The Russian leader, in particular, referred to the European Parliament resolution from September, 2019, in which, as he pointed out, directly accused the USSR together with Nazi Germany in the outbreak of the Second world war. Putin has made a clear conclusion: “to Desecrate and insult the memory – sneaky.”

Why, 75 years later, after the war, in a completely different world, the history of the world continues to be perceived so much? The main answer is the scale of casualties suffered by the Soviet Union. As a rule, the death toll in the war – both military and civilian – was traditionally driven by the figure of over 20 million. In his article Vladimir Putin put the figure at 27 million, adding that during world war II killed every seventh citizen of the Soviet Union, whereas Britain has lost one of 127, and the United States – one of 320 of its citizens.

Not too good when the tweet authorship of the White House, dated may 8, the role and importance of Russia overlooked. In his article, Putin referred to the note sent to the Prime Minister of great Britain Winston Churchill in September 1944, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Churchill acknowledged that “the Russian army tore the guts of the German war machine”.

the Russian President stressed that he did not intend “to initiate a new round of international information confrontation in the historical field, which can lead countries and peoples to quarrel”. He definitely wants to put everything in its place. The victory over Nazi Germany was a triumph – factor to date, unifying the country.