On February 12, the elections for the House of Representatives will be repeated in Berlin. In order to be able to vote, you must bring certain documents with you for the polling station. Find out what to bring to the polling station here.

In order to be eligible to vote, you need documents that you need to carry with you. You should definitely have this with you:

You will receive this four to six weeks before the election. You will also find information about the polling station in which you can cast your vote on the election notification. If you have not received the voting notification or cannot find it, you can still vote in Berlin.

This can be the identity card or the passport. If your document has expired, that is not an obstacle either. The pass serves primarily to identify you based on the photograph. You cannot vote without an ID card.

There is currently no longer a mask requirement for polling stations. However, there is a mask recommendation to protect yourself and your fellow human beings from Corona.

In Germany, political elections are secret ballots. That means you are alone in the polling booth. If you need an assistant due to a physical disability, this person can also go into the voting booth. Before doing so, however, they must identify themselves to the electoral board of the polling station.

You can take your cell phone with you into the polling booth. Telephoning in the cabin is not specifically prohibited. However, the secrecy of the ballot must also be maintained here.

After it is difficult to understand whether it is a normal phone call or a video call, the electoral board can also prevent this: Taking pictures or filming in the cabin is prohibited.

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