Razin told how at the time helped Bulanova

Many people are now worried for Tatiana Bulanov, was hospitalized with a dangerous diagnosis.

Fans wish the actress a speedy recovery and return to creative activity.

Wrote words of support on the social network and music producer Andrey Razin.

It turns out that he was the leader of the team, where he played Bulanov, and even, according to him, had a hand in the fact that Tatiana was awarded the title of honored artist of Russia.

“the Singer Tatyana Bulanov was hospitalized in St. Petersburg with a suspected stroke. Very worried about Tanya. I hope that everything will be fine and the doctors will do everything possible to make her health is not threatened. Tanya worked in the Stavropol concert hall, where I was CEO. It I from Stavropol Philharmonic was filed for awarding her the title of honored artist of Russia, which she was subsequently assigned. “Disco “Union”, group “Tender may” and personally I’m very worried about your health. Tanya, get better. We are waiting for you in our family of artists healthy and vigorous,” he wrote in the microblog.

Immediately on instagram, the producer posted a stock photo for almost a quarter century ago – on stage he Bulanova in the Stavropol Palace of trade unions.

As previously reported, “the Rambler,” while Bulanova placed in intensive care, she was prescribed injections and IVS. Treatment helps, the actress says she has become much better.

Publish from Andrei Razin "Tender May" (@razin_andrei_lm) 12 APR 2020 2:03 PDT