the Municipality of Aarhus has in the beginning of the year experienced an increasing skadedyrsproblem.

more specifically, it is the rat, which has thrown so many reviews of that there can be no talk of a new record, if the trend continues.

the Municipality of Aarhus has previously had problems with rats, where the municipality in 2016 and 2017 received over 8000 annual reviews relating to the pests, writes Aarhus Stiftstidende.

Then there was screwed up for the fight, which turned the curve, and notifications fell within rotteproblemet again took off in this winter.

In January received the Aarhus Municipality, namely 1000 reviews and in February of close to 800, which can put the new record in the Aarhus Municipality, if the number does not fall in the course of 2020.

the Reason for the many rats in the municipality to be found in the mild winter, there have been in Denmark around the turn of the year and the subsequent months, says the head of Nature and Environment in the Municipality of Aarhus, Anders Maltha Rasmussen, Aarhus Stiftstidende.

A reason, which is also skadedyrsbiolog with more than 30 years of experience from Skadedyrlaboratoriet at the University of Aarhus Jens Lodal believe, may explain why there are more rats in the municipality.

“Rats are trying to get young all the time, but they normally have a break from november to march. But in the winter, which is the mildest in living memory, there is guaranteed to many females who have been pregnant,” he says to the media, and continues:

“I have in the past in the not-so-mild winters found pregnant females, both in december, January and February.”

another reason for the increasing rotteproblem in the Municipality of Aarhus must probably be found in the current corona-crisis.

For, according to Anders Maltha Rasmussen, the crisis has led to pest control in the municipality has been hampered, why there must now be a priority between the tasks.

Why are indendørsopgaver currently a priority, whether it is from private citizens, or whether it is in companies and in institutions.

Anders Maltha Rasmussen says, however, that although the indendørsopgaver be given a higher priority at the moment, so you must still notify, if you see rats outside.

Skadedyrsbiolog Jens Lodal says to Aarhus Stiftstidende that he finds it prudent to Aarhus Municipalities give priority to indendørsopgaver higher at the moment, even though he fears for the consequences as a result of the prioritisation.

He predicts that there will be even more rats when the udendørsbekæmpelse downgraded.

Anders Maltha Rasmussen informs the dog to the newspaper, that still have a grip on the fight, but that the municipality is going to have to take the necessary measures in an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirussen.