A Norfolk village is terrorized by a flock of feral chickens, disrupting residents’ sleep and gardens. Now there are also rats.

In the remote Norfolk village of Snettisham, an invasion of around 100 feral chickens is causing serious problems and angering villagers, the Daily Mail reports. The villagers complain not only of sleep deprivation due to the constantly cackling poultry, but also of destruction in their gardens. “They are out of control,” one villager told the newspaper.

According to the Daily Mail, the chickens come from a nearby forest. It is believed that their numbers have increased greatly in recent times, although the exact origin and owner of the land are unclear. Residents also complain about the influx of visitors feeding the chickens, thereby attracting rats. The Sun also reports this.

A local resident told the publication: “Someone left a liter of pink crabs the other day. The rats are quite large here and multiply like crazy.” This even creates health risks, as was discussed at a community meeting.

However, not all villagers share the negative mood. Some in the Daily Mail support the presence of the chickens and even see them as contributing to the rural charm of the village.

The fact that a village is overrun by a horde of wild animals is not an isolated case. The Italian island of Alicudi has been struggling with a herd of goats for some time. According to CNN, the goat population on the small island has grown uncontrollably. Accordingly, with around 600 goats, it exceeds the population six times. 

The mayor has now called for the animals to be adopted, which has alarmed animal rights activists.

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