It’s an incredible story – with a sugar-sweet happy ending. Violet Quick is 19 when she marries her partner, John Francis. The couple wants to take their time with children, after all, both are still very young. But when Violet feels unwell for several days at a time, she can’t believe her eyes when the pregnancy test shows a positive result. Finally, she used a hormone spiral. The young woman told her story to the Daily Mail.

In an interview with the British newspaper, the now 20-year-old states that she had a new hormone spiral inserted nine months before her unexpected pregnancy. Because of this, Violet and her husband John were sure of themselves. But after the American was constantly sick for almost two weeks, she has her first doubts. Could she be pregnant? Despite the hormonal spiral, which is considered one of the safest contraceptives of all? A test brings clarity: Violet is actually expecting a child.

The shock was great, but the young woman decided to have the baby, after all, her unborn child is a little fighter. Because the risk of a miscarriage is significantly higher in pregnant women whose uterus has had an IUD placed. Unfortunately, life-threatening ectopic pregnancies then also occur more frequently. Violet’s baby was born at the end of January. Not only was little Rudy born healthy – after the birth, a look at the baby’s hands also caused a big surprise. Because the boy was holding his mother’s spiral tightly in his right hand!

This is the second time Violet’s son has spoken to the 20-year-old. Not only did the baby make its way into life despite using contraceptives – it brings with it the souvenir that even in the womb was not able to interfere with its development. The story of the Francis family is therefore a small miracle – which causes great enthusiasm.

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