Rapota In September the expected abolition of the Union of roaming

One of the traditional Union of events is the annual who this year was supposed to be the seventh. What are its prospects?

Grigory Rapota: as for the forum, the preparation and conduct of his mainly Russian and Belarusian parliamentarians. In the forums we see great benefit. In addition, there are direct agreements on cooperation between regions, there is an active exchange of experience within the forum and put forward important initiatives that we just take for execution. For example, the initiative to establish the Union state prize in science and technology. We have this issue worked out, and next year the prize will be awarded.

Or, for example, the initiative for the abolition of roaming on the territory of the Union state for the mobile users. On this, too, is now a lot of work. It is hoped that by September the problem will be solved. In any case, this was discussed at a recent joint Board of the ministries of communications of Russia and Belarus. The Ministry and mobile operators have set themselves very tight deadlines. It gives hope to the result.

the forum of regions voiced the idea of developing a high-speed highway St. Petersburg – Pskov – Minsk – Warsaw – Berlin – Hamburg.

Full text of the interview with Grigory Rapota, read, and see in the project “the UNION” in the evening of 22 April.