The Ukrainian secret service repeatedly intercepts telephone calls from Russian soldiers. Now the Ukrainians are revealing a conversation between a Putin fighter and a friend. In it he confesses to war infirmity of the worst kind.

The Russian army is causing unimaginable atrocities in Ukraine. This first became clear in March, when several suburbs of Kyiv were liberated and, for example, in Bucha the dead lay on the streets. Mass graves of civilians were later discovered all over the country.

A Russian soldier is now talking about such war crimes in an intercepted phone call with a friend. Apparently he is talking about the hasty retreat of the Russians from the city of Lyman in October. The content of the conversation leaves you stunned.

Soldier: There are old women in the villages. In the cellars. I haven’t seen any more people.”

Friend: “How can that be?”

Soldier: “All raped and killed. When we suddenly had to leave Lyman, we killed everyone. Fucking Ukrainians. Raped. killed. Shot. In Lyman, in Torske, everywhere. We just walked around and shot. We took all the young men with us. But we raped, killed and shot the young women.”

An unbelievable cruelty speaks from the soldier. He and his friend even laugh at times during the conversation. A testament to the barbaric warfare with which Putin’s Russia is still wreaking havoc on the neighboring country.