a sex scandal rocked the ranks of the liberal intelligentsia. It turned out that the bearers of high morality and heralds a new ethics is not alien rape, Gangbang, harassment to newcomers on the job. The second day in the Twitter girls (and boys) from the opposition tusovochka furiously waving their briefs and convict rapists. State propaganda clung to the story like a Terrier in majority bone, and relishes it in Prime time. A plague on both your houses.

the Most difficult is to explain the average good Russian man, who are these people and why do we need about them to know something. Need. Because objectively their audience — the youth, who are sick of TV. That is almost all.

So among these people who for all good and against everything bad happened harassmentphat. Where to start, now it will not install. Maybe it’s the story of one of the girls (literally): “There’s a nasty story associated with tusovochka. Five years ago was a joke the boys about the “woman of Twitter”. She got drunk on night and day at Prost and raped her several people. In this sort of part gold, and Gulls sat on the windowsill and wanking”. Then away we go. Participants of the event quickly established, was showered with stories from other victims — as they grabbed the bulge, pulling their underpants and so on. A list of rapists is growing in the eyes, and lead it entirely is not possible. But here are some figures: Ruslan Gafarov, a former employee of the “Open Russia”; Alexander Zakharov — member of the “Open Russia”, Andrei Zolotov photographer MBH Media; Sergey Prostakov — chief editor MBH Media (the media that is supported Khodorkovsky); Pavel Lobkov, a leading TV channel “Rain”; Vladislav Stolnikov — former consultant navalnovskie FBK; Ilya Yashin — Deputy; Sergei Minenko — project Manager in a major Bank.

there is No evidence, except the victims, it seems to be there. But, for example, Lobkov, who is a young man who worked on “Rain”, was accused of molestation, has apologized. Said stuck in the zero years, when such behavior is not too condemning. Simpletons, too, apologized profusely, said he realized that working on himself with a therapist, and abruptly resigned from the MBH Media.

the Ideological opponents of liberal tusovochka could not pass up. Here, they say, look, these people are about the ethics of relationships to explain (no means no, feminism, sexism, etc.), herbs of the Deputy Slutsky alleged harassment of journalists against Patriarchal values are, and the adulterers and rapists. Nothing is sacred! That’s just the pot calling the kettle black. You would think that all this Sodom not in a Patriarchal, gstate editions, and working there entirely the monks and nuns. This looks like a dispute between two prostitutes about who of them is a huge bitch.

when thinking abstractly, the liberals — fellows that have begun with yourself. The problem of harassment exists. The problem of violence against women — exists. The problem that some men consider themselves masters women exist. Well, they talked about it and probably also their ranks will clean (of hope, though small, given the previous cases).

But, looking at it, it becomes dull. Because that is not the problem healthy world. Not problems strong men and wise women. Just where is this world? Solid virtuality, couches of psychotherapists and green hair in the armpits.