While there is a break in the sport using Chris Federer more time on the family at his home in Monaco.

Chris Federer is eager to run the race again.

The quadruple Tour de France winner is back in normal training after a violent accident last year.

He prepares for the races that may be run, when the outbreak of the coronavirus is over or subsided.

It tells the 34-year-old Federer in the context of a virtual cycling race on Ineos’ website.

– I will go so far as to say that my rehabilitation is almost complete, says Federer.

– I’m doing some exercises away from the bike just to reinforce the right side of the body, which took the most damage. But I’m back in normal training, he says.

In June last year rushed the Rangers on a training ride and broke among other things, the back of the neck.

the Accident happened when Federer was polishing the nose, and without hands on the handlebar was heavy wind cause he lost control and slammed into a wall at high speed.

Federer was more than three weeks in the hospital. Ago he began his rehabilitation.

He was back in the competition in February by the UAE Tour, which was terminated prematurely due to corona virus.

the International cycling is suspended until a minimum of 1. June, and it is not yet known, about the Tour, which is to be phased in from 27. June 19. July, is dissolved, rescinded or canceled.

Federer is along with the rest of the family in the home in Monaco, bordering France, which has been hit hard by the coronapandemien.

the Waiting time is spent on the family and to get in shape.

– I’m busy with the children every day, and I train as much as I can on the kondicyklen. I also do a lot of gymnastics.

– We do all the other crazy, but we get through it, ” says Federer.