Artistic Director of Ramtha Alexei Borodin told the artists that because of the restrictions in the hall will soon be filled only half. “No matter how many viewers we have to play to the fullest, as always”, – he stressed.

the Social distance of the actors will have to comply with, and at rehearsals. “Who is not fit, behind the scenes will be”, – he joked.

the Director of Ramtha Sophia Apfelbaum told about the nearest plans of touring theatre. In September Ramtha will perform at the festival “harlequin” in St. Petersburg and at the Platonov festival in Voronezh.

And capital of the audience Ramtha preparing several premieres and surprises. September 11, Yury Butusov will present his reading of the play “Son” of the French playwright Florian Zeller. This time the Director who managed to find their own key to Shakespeare, Brecht, Chekhov and Ibsen, is taken to decode the mystery of human nature with the help of modern drama. Starring Yevgeny Redko Alexander Devyatyarov.

in addition, the fall in a Black room, the audience is waiting for a new show Catherine Polovtseva “Bald singer” by Eugene Ionesco. Premiere was to be held in March 2020, but intervened coronavirus.

two of the play puts the art Director of theatre Alexey Borodin – “stage poem” Griboyedov “Woe from wit” Maxim by Garinim, Ilya Isaev and Irina Taranik starring and “my Soul Paul” on the novel by Alexey Varlamov. Premiere of “Woe from wit” is scheduled for December 2020.

the Chief Director of the Ramtha Yegor Peregudov will start work on a play based on stories by modern Russian writer Roman Mikhailov.

In the second half of the season Ramtha vivid with the premiere of its young viewers. Alexander Koruchekov will start rehearsing a play based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson “treasure Island”.

there are Also plans to play in the new play by British playwright Tom Stoppard’s “Leopoldstadt”. The translation works Arkady Ostrovsky. And Alexei Borodin will begin rehearsals at the end of the season.

At small venues Ramtha will show new performances of the project “Belkin’s stories” – “the Shot” by Director Yegor Ravinsky and “mistress into maid” Cyril Vytoptov.

Oleg Valleys will produce a show based on the story of Chekhov’s “late Flowers”. Staging will be created on the grant of festival “Biennale of theatre arts. Lessons directing”, which he received as the winner of the festival for the play “Zobeida”.

In 2021 Ramtha will be celebrated two anniversaries – 100 years since its founding and the 200th anniversary of the building in which the theatre works since 1936. Preparing to celebrate in a big way.

Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Bogatyrev and Vladimir Mirzoyev will begin to rehearse the performances of the small form of the plays from the repertoire of the Moscow art theater-II and the Central children’s theatre.

the Upcoming anniversary will be dedicated to the audioplay “100” on the play Yulia Pospelova in the setting of Alexander Juhlin. The audience will travel not only in private behind the scenes – from Rajka to hold, but the most significant events in the history of theatre and the building: will participate in training sessions of Michael Chekhov, will visit the rehearsal by Anatoly Efros, get acquainted with “the boys” Valentina Sperantova.

the Whole anniversary season the theatre will be an exhibition dedicated to the history of Ramtha and the building on Theatre square.

to Make a journey through a century of theater history will be possible thanks to the jubilee edition of “tsdt-Ramtha: 100 years in events and persons”. Forthcoming first monograph dedicated to the building on Theatre square. There was once going to an Artistic circle of Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky, then, was the Imperial theatre, Moscow Art theatre-the Second and finally the Central children’s theater (formerly known as Ramtha – approx. ed.). The book was an academician of the Russian Academy of architecture and construction Sciences Maria naschokina.

the jubilee program is the Youth educational project “THEATRE+” will be dedicated to the legendary performances of the Moscow theater for children, the MDGs and Ramtha, as well as the names that formed the history of theatre of Natalia Sats, Maria Knebel, Anatoly Efros, Victor Rozovu.

Finishes anniversary year with a gala evening at the Grand theatre, which will be held in the fall of 2021.