Justin Bieber suffers from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. An impressive video shows the effects of the disease. The pop star cannot move the right side of his face. FOCUS Online explains which virus is behind the disease.

Just a few days ago, pop star Justin Bieber (28) postponed several concerts. Now he explained the reason for this to his fans via video message. The Canadian pop star has informed fans that he has facial paralysis.

The singer posted a nearly three-minute video on Instagram in which he talks about being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It’s a viral disease that affects nerves in his ear and face, Bieber explains. Specialists speak of (herpes) zoster oticus with involvement of the facial nerve (facial nerve). It is named after the American neurologist James Ramsay Hunt (1872-1937).

“As you can see, that eye can’t blink,” says the Grammy Award winner, his right eye staring at the camera while his left eye squints. He also can’t laugh or move his nostrils on that side, Bieber explains. He pulls up the corner of his mouth on the left side.

What the singer describes are typical symptoms of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. The hemifacial paralysis, also known as fascial paresis, affects his right half. Since the ear can be affected, hearing loss or reduction can also occur. In addition, some sufferers suffer from vertigo.

In addition to the facial nerve, other cranial nerves can also be affected. Because the Ramsay-Hunt syndrome affects motor, sensitive and sensory nerve fibers, disorders of the facial muscles, hearing and balance, loss of sensitivity and disorders of the taste function, tear, nasal and saliva secretion can occur.

Paralysis of one side of the face is caused by shingles on the facial nerve. Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a flare-up of chickenpox infection. The varicella viruses responsible retreated to nerve nodes after the chickenpox infection. They remain dormant until certain factors weaken the immune system. This can be stress, another infection, alcohol and other risk factors. However, all of them reactivate the viruses.

Typically, the risk of shingles disease increases with age. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Corona also increases the risk of this infection. This cause has not been proven with Justin Bieber. But most recently, the singer canceled two concert dates in Las Vegas in February due to a positive Covid test.

“This is a pretty serious thing, as you can see,” Bieber now tells his fans. He had to take a break and protect his body. He would also do exercises to restore his normal facial features. There was no timeline for a return to the stage.

In the German guidelines for the treatment of zoster oticus, a combination therapy consisting of intravenous administration of aciclovir (virus-inhibiting drug) and systemic corticosteroids (cortisone preparations as strong anti-inflammatory drugs) is recommended. If, as in the case of Justin Bieber, the facial nerve is affected, earache and dizziness occur, the therapy strategy should be determined by an ear, nose and throat doctor and neurologist. The combination treatment usually reduces the inflammatory swelling and thus takes pressure off the nerve.

Justin Bieber was optimistic that his therapy would soon make a full recovery. He just doesn’t know how long that will take. “Everything will be fine,” says Bieber. “I have hope and I trust God.”