Rammstein vocalist till Lindemann hospitalized in Germany with the coronavirus

a Soloist of the German rock band Rammstein till Lindemann was hospitalized in Berlin with suspected coronavirus. According to the publication Bild, 57-year-old singer is currently quarantined in the intensive care unit of a Berlin hospital.

According to the tabloid, the musician went to the doctor with high fever. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, the test for coronavirus was positive. The soloist of the Rammstein made his solo project in Moscow, at a time when the capital was prohibited events. Till specifically asked to be given the opportunity to give two concerts.

prior To this, the number of infected celebrities caught 63-year-old actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson who contracted coronavirus in Australia during the filming of a movie about Elvis Presley. Also the infected actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina. Idris declared that the pandemic coronavirus was a reaction of the planet Earth on the damage that humanity has caused the world.

the Famous actress Olga Kurylenko also said that she found the coronavirus. Now she is in London in isolation. Kurylenko said that doctors advised her to take paracetamol in case of fever. Any special medication she was prescribed. In a number of cases also included actors Christopher Chivu and Indira Varma, known for his roles in the TV series “Game of thrones”

the star of the popular TV series “lost,” the 51-year-old Daniel De Cintaku contracted the coronavirus. He asked everyone to take precautions and not to neglect the rules of hygiene: “If you don’t care about yourself, you jeopardize your family and friends.”

the 79-year-old Opera singer Placido Domingo also reported that infected by coronavirus. “My family have been in isolation, as prescribed by the authorities. All was well, but suddenly I have fever and cough. I passed the test for the coronavirus, which turned out to be Polotive,” said Domingo. And recently convicted on charges of rape and forced sex producer Harvey Weinstein had contracted the coronavirus in prison.