The German Band Rammstein is known for concerts a bit rough to and fro. But also next to the stage, the Rocker will be your reputation clearly to meet. As the German newspaper “Bild”writes, Till Lindemann (56) before a concert his fists do the talking.

Lindemann was drinking with a friend, and a girlfriend named Lana in the night from Friday to Saturday, a beer at a hotel bar in Munich. The front man of the rock band had been disturbed by an unknown Fan who wanted to make a Selfie. According to an eye-witness, Lindemann refused, but.

escalation-in bar

Later, the guest had become compared to Linde’s accompaniment Lana abusive. She told the German tabloid: “He said to me in English: “I would pay Double for you.” I wanted to flip the guy directly to my Drink in his face, but Till confronted him, asked if he had just called me a prostitute and demanded an apology.”

Then it is escalated between the two, such as the well-Known further describes: “The man clenched his fists, and invited Till to come to the front of the door. Then everything went very quickly. Till hit him with the elbow to the face.”

police moved from

As the host fell to the ground, called a Hotel staff finally, the police. “The man was quickly back on his feet. Well, he looked but,” says Lana. He was rumored to have a broken jaw suffered.

On request of the “image” is confirmed by the police that there was an incident. “We took a report for assault. A suspect, a 56-year-old Berliner, the Injured party is a 54-year-old Hamburger,” said the police spokesman. Till Lindemann did not want to comment on. (bnr)