can start the formula 1 season in 2020, is currently in the stars. 14. June in Montreal, is currently planned for the first race, but only a few believe that it will compete really, at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Because the Sporty is for Ex-Pilot Ralf Schumacher is currently of secondary importance, if he looks after Italy and Ferrari.

“have to think in Italy at the moment other than on the first race,” says the German ‘Sky’. Every day the messages to the Coronavirus in Italy about to roll over with more and more death messages. To a regular racing was not to think too, especially since in addition to Ferrari and AlphaTauri even tyre manufacturer Pirelli is from Italy.

“at The Moment, it fails because we have no tires, because the cannot be produced. Two Teams are not allowed to work at all. And most of the suit manufacturers are from Italy. Also due to the fact it would fail alone,” says Schumacher is currently little sign of a quick return to normality.

For some Teams could be the lack of revenue to risk. Small racing teams like Williams or Haas could get into financial difficulties, but also to the great Schumacher worries: “What happens at the Moment with the large corporations, is also a development that can predict today, nobody,” he says.

Schumacher thinks of the economic crisis in 2008 and 2009, in the Wake of Honda, BMW, Toyota and Renault out of formula 1 withdrew. “On such things can of course be saved first,” says the German, who was driven in his career, among other things, for the manufacturers, Toyota and BMW (with Williams).

more trouble he makes, however, the employees. In England, the so-called “Hire-and-fire behavior was” in contrast to Germany, no Problem. “We’re talking about thousands of employees and families, the need to come in this hard time, of course, somehow to make ends meet.”

A possibility could be for the solidarity Fund, as proposed in the football part. For Schumacher, this is certainly a variant, in which the riders could contribute their part. “Lewis Hamilton was one of the advocates that you are in Melbourne at all. I think he also has pretty good ways to do something,” he says.

it is Important for Schumacher, that it may go ever further – in the interests of all employees and of the sport itself. When that will be as far as he does not want to prophesy, but. “We can only hope that it passes quickly. But what do you mean soon, no one knows.”

This article was written by Norman Fischer

*The contribution of “Ralf Schumacher: “in Italy currently there are other things to Worry about”” published by Contact with the executives here.