Rahmat Moscow Thank You Kazan

Ravil Kalimullovich, tell us what the Embassy of the Republic of Tatarstan, what you do and put in front of you?

Ravil Akhmetshin: I would divide tasks into two parts. The first is, of course, our main job is to ensure that the activities of the government of the Republic in Moscow, working with Federal ministries and departments, diplomatic missions, the decision of economic, investment, cultural and many other issues.

the Second part of the task – it is our initiative, what we do in his heart. For example, when the Embassy there are five professional clubs, which unites outstanding people of Tatarstan. Someone born and raised in the country, someone studied, but they were in Moscow and they became prominent people in their fields. The club officers, for example, includes more than 200 generals and admirals, 16 Heroes of Russia, one Hero of the Soviet Union. The club consists of more than 150 prominent journalists, the club of doctors – more than 200 professors and academicians of medicine, in the club of culture and arts – almost 250 well-deserved and people’s artist of the Republic.

the Clubs enable our countrymen to learn from each other, to seek support for young people is a way not to get lost in the big city, to find support. This is a real school of life, where the main thing – mutual assistance. And I am very glad that people with great pleasure come to us, bring friends. We get to unite caring people around the love of Tatarstan.

in Fact, the clubs have a fraternity of Tatarstan, headed by academician Talia Khabrieva. It includes several thousand people. Both in clubs and in the community consist of people of different nationalities, since our Republic is multinational. And fraternities there are 16 universities of Moscow’s MGIMO, Moscow state University, REU them. Plekhanov and many others.

That is, with young people from the Republic who had recently been in Moscow, you are also trying to communicate?

Ravil Akhmetshin: of Course, the Embassy has a large youth Council, which implements different projects. One of them is the annual forum “Bridge Moscow – Tatarstan” with participation of the President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov. Last, the fifth forum was held not long ago – in November of last year. Young people from Tatarstan on the forum can tell you about their successes and achievements, but also to raise urgent problems and get answers firsthand from the leadership of the Republic. In addition, we are on a forum we invite people who have achieved great success and extraordinary manifested itself. Participants of the forum at different times was Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin, the chief editor of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Vladislav Fronin, cardiac surgeon and member of theMick Renat Akchurin. The last time guest of the forum was a pilot Damir Yusupov, put a plane with a failed engine in a corn field. But at universities, we organize meetings where we talk about the achievements of the Tatarstan Republic, about the development of the Republic, what’s new there, we invite, for example, heads of personnel departments of large companies in the region. That is, the students always know that I can go home and get a decent job. But the choice, of course, behind them.

this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, many events planned. Which of them will be held in Moscow, how do you prepare for this date?

Ravil Akhmetshin: grandiose Plans, at the Federal level created the organizing Committee of the celebration. The main events are scheduled from July to October, so I hope that the pandemic coronavirus strong adjustments not made, although something had already endured. We are looking forward to the exhibition masterpieces from the museums of Tatarstan in the Tretyakov gallery, the traditional annual Days of culture of the Republic in Moscow, Tatarstan tour of five theatres, including renewables, for the first time in many years, touring Opera and ballet theatre named after Musa Jalil – four productions can be seen at the Bolshoi. I know that many Muscovites are also waiting for these events, they traditionally attract the crowds. Moreover, planned in July to celebrate national Sabantuy in the capital.