Strenuous and untested hosts and comically bad satire is some of the criticism of the new dab channel.

The new dab channel Radio Loud, who won the dab-supply of the now closed channel Radio24syv, get criticism for his debut.

At the newspaper Berlingske tidende, is awarding the 25-year-old reviewer Mike Baker Ganderup radiokanalens early hours two stars.

the Radio Loud sounds like a halvlunken version of any other morgenflade, he writes.

Berlingskes Mads Baker Ganderup hope that the radio channel, which has young people as a target group, will focus on the content on how it is to be young.

My hope is that the radio screws down the host’s strained humor and sometimes tåkrummende chitchat and instead provides space for more feature about, how it is to be young, different, and perhaps even fragile, he writes.

the Danish Newspaper Information gives harsh criticism. Information reviewer Rasmus Elmelund concedes, however, that the Radio Loud, get along fine from the start compared with Radio24syvs beginning of the year.

– in General, the radio filled with lows. Comically bad satire. Newscasters that sound like machines and says “and so” instead of “man”.

– Untested hosts, who pronounce place names wrong, kløjes in words like “psychiatry” and rampaging gangs over it. Jingles that interrupt sources, and the music that goes in time instead of feature, he writes.

– After that I have also listened to both Radio4’s first sendedag last year and Radio24syvs eight years ago as both were glaringly bad, actually, I find that the Radio Loud, get along fine from the start.

With the Extra Magazine provides the previous Radio24syv-employee René Fredensborg Radio Louds beginning of two stars.

Special satiredelen get hug from René Fredensborg.

– the announcement of The satire, which Acts as the regnedrenge the race foresaw would allow the rear wheel to the award-winning Kirsten Birgit and co., folded out in the form of a stegetermometer up in the ass on a supposedly coronaramt spasmager.

– I had more fun at my grandfather’s funeral than to this metaagtige sketch, he writes.