US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s attempt at a Black Lives Matter nod was mocked on Twitter after she had the letters BLM spelled out with toy alphabet letters in the background of her video address to the DNC.

The progressive senator spoke to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday from a childhood education center, located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Warren’s speech was mainly about her support for Joe Biden’s presidential bid and the problems she had with Donald Trump’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, she apparently decided to include some topical symbolism by arranging toy alphabet letters behind her to spell BLM, meaning “Black Lives Matter.”

The decision came under fire following her address, as people derided the anti-racist Easter egg for not being substantive or at least subtle.

They put B, L, M in the shot, no one’s missing it, how is that subtle?It’s subtle if you think that, like, Big Bang Theory is subtle(it’s a show about people who think they’re geniuses smarter than everyone but they’re just ridiculous— dang I’m not as subtle as Warren’s team)

y’all going crazy for BLM block letters in the background is exactly why the dems are happy to take your votes and not give you policy.y’all love a good performance.

The toy alphabet move was called “peak performative wokeness” by users who were still bitter over claims that Warren’s decision to stay in the party’s primary past Super Tuesday cost progressive icon Bernie Sanders the nomination.

elizabeth warren giving her DNC talk with block letter spelling out “BLM” in the background when she was the tip of the spear in sabotaging bernie’s campaign and helping destroy any possibility of transforming the racist criminal justice system is peak performative wokeness

To some of her critics, the gesture seemed superficial because, while the senator doesn’t support the activist position of defunding the police, she still could “spell BLM in blocks.”

Elizabeth warren: I don’t think we should defund the police but I can spell BLM in blocks

Warren’s message, sent using toy letters, prompted podcast host Felix Biederman to dub the upcoming Trump versus Biden matchup as “the election for babies.”

the election for babies

A Twitter user jokingly suggested Warren could’ve gone with a more radical idea and spell “All cops are bastards” with children’s toys.

the other hidden messages were better but yeah

Some, however, seemed to appreciate the effort, saying that they “love to see” an extra reference to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“BLM” spelled out in blocks in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s background. Love to see it. #DemocraticConvention 🇺🇸📚🍎

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