Showbiz is In the Dutch tv-show “the High Trees”, Saturday, Rachel and September (50) guests. The Dutch had it in her heart to look at it, and told me about the quarrel with his son Andre (26), and to its time, and his dad thinking about.

for Three years, had been to Rachel in the Cockpit we had no more contact with her son, Andre. If for some reason the Dutch press: “I’m not quarreling. I’ve been trying to get my children up for anything.” This is referring to Rachel on the relationship, that André was with Monique. These two aspects are, in spite of a marital breakdown, a couple of months still. “You know, I wanted him to protect her”, assuring Rachel the presenter Jeroen van der Boom. “Monique is a very good woman, but I allowed him to have great years. I thought he was too young. The world was at his feet, and Dre is at home alone. I thought it would be a shame that he went to work at the relationship stepped up, and as a child took over. But it’s not up to me. It is not in my opinion been asked for.”Rachel admits that she is, in her opinion, to a quick, unsolicited, and we’re sorry about that hair, ” she says. “I would never do it again. All he has now is the one from the 80’s, they have three tissue, or tell me that I was her, I think,” said she.