Republican Herschel Walker is under pressure ahead of the US Senate election. He is said to have given money to two ex-lovers to end their pregnancies. Anti-abortionist Walker is considered a Trump darling. It is not the first excitement about his person.

Republican candidate Herschel Walker continues to struggle in the race for a seat in the US Senate, which could decide control of the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, a second woman came forward saying the former football player urged her to have an abortion. Walker is a staunch opponent of abortion, and the revelations could undermine his credibility. He rejected the woman’s statements during an election campaign, as reported by the TV station NBC.

A few weeks ago, another woman told the website The Daily Beast and the Washington Post, among others, that Walker gave her money for an abortion. Walker also denies this. Both women wanted to remain anonymous to protect themselves and their families. According to her, the second woman became pregnant by Walker in 1993.

At the beginning of October, his son Christian raised serious allegations against his father: “Family values, people? He has four children by four different women. He wasn’t in the house to raise any of them. He was out and about having sex with other women.”

And further: “You have no idea what I and my mother went through. We could have ended the candidacy on the first day. But we didn’t!” Walker vehemently denies this too and said at the time: “I send money to a lot of people. I always help people.”

Ex-footballer Walker is considered a Trumpian, denies climate change and fights against marriage for all. Mainly because of its suitability for television, Trump is one of the personal favorites of ex-President Trump. His candidacy shows how Trump continues to pull the strings with the Republicans.

In Georgia, residents have been able to vote since Monday last week, while the actual election date is November 8th. Around a million votes have now been cast, as State Secretary Brad Raffensperger, who is responsible for elections, announced on Wednesday. President Joe Biden’s surprise win of both Georgia seats had given Democrats control of the Senate in 2020 after a six-year hiatus.

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Normally, senators in the United States are elected for six-year terms. Incumbent Raphael Warnock is now standing for re-election for one of the seats because two years ago it was only about the end of the term of office of a Republican predecessor who had resigned. Walker challenges him for the Republicans. According to the latest polls, Democrat Warnock is slightly ahead.

In this year’s Senate election, every seat counts for both parties: Both camps currently have 50 senators each in the Senate. In stalemate situations, Vice President Kamala Harris has the deciding vote for the Democrats.

There are 14 Democrat-held seats and 21 Republican-held seats up for vote in the current round of elections. In the majority of the races, however, it seems certain that the party affiliation of the seats will not change.

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