1/9 easter holiday Photo: Julie Vestersjø

Who has the world’s longest easter holiday?

Norway Sweden Finland Denmark 2/9 Rockeopera Photo: HEIKO JUNGE / SCANPIX

This world-renowned centre, which fills 50 years in the year, trades of the last week before Jesus hung on the cross. What is the name of it?

Jesus Christ! Antichrist Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus 3/9 What musician does not have a song about easter? Photo: Tom Øverlie / NRK

The musician has not a song about easter?

Jefferson Airplane Kygo Patti Smith, Marillion 4/9 easter island Photo: the Kon-tiki2 expedition

easter island is a chilean island in the Pacific ocean that is known for the stone statues that are found around the entire island. But why is it called easter island?

There are many rabbits on the island, therefore, associate it with easter. The island was discovered 1. easter Sunday, hence the name. He who discovered the island was an Italian by the name of Pasqua. The island is named after him. It was here that Jesus was crucified. 5/9 Hare Photo: Carolyn Throws / Carolyn Throws

the easter bunny is a familiar form during Easter. Who mentioned it first?

German professor in the 1600s. Belgian writer in the 1800s. American president in the 1700s. Jesus, for over two thousand years ago. 6/9 Påskeopprøret Photo: NRK

In which Norwegian political party found the so-called påskeopprøret place in 1958?

the Right-center party Labor party Left 7/9 Påskeopprør part two Photo: Okänd photographer / SCANPIX SWEDEN

Speaking of påskeopprør: It was a different påskeopprør in 1916. How did it happen?

Ireland united STATES France Russia 8/9 our latest updates Photo: Julia Naglestad / NRK

our latest updates is a Norwegian phenomenon that got its resurrection from a successful advertising campaign for a book, what was the book?

Murder on the orient express Dog from Baskerville Bergenstoget plundered in the night Death in the laboratory 9/9 Who was the director? Photo: TAMI CHAPPELL / REUTERS

the Movie “Passion of the christ” is about Jesus’s last days and attracted great attention when it arrived in 2004. Who has made this film?

Ben Affleck Meryl Streep James Caviezel Mel Gibson, Your profit

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