Swisscom has accidentally deleted photos, Videos, music and other files from hundreds of customers from the Online storage service MyCloud. (View reported) The supposedly-secure online storage, proved to be a leaky sieve, as the Newspapers of the media group Tamedia revealed.

how Many customers were affected and what compensation has been paid, did not want to specify the Swisscom. In one case, were paid according to the Tamedia Newspapers 50 francs. However, it is clear that The data breach at MyCloud throws a bad light on the much-advertised storage service of Swisscom, with over 400’000 customers.

The Swisscom says the five most pressing issues for the Cloud-Disaster:

1. Why were not saved the data with MyCloud several times in different places?

In MyCloud are stored the data “locally and geographically redundant in Swisscom data centers,” writes spokesman Sepp Huber at the request of the “Handelszeitung”. The data were thus in the case of a complete failure of a data center “always safe”.

In the present data breach the files have been moved, but due to an error on the final Delete. This is possible because a user deletes an active data must be assured that the data are permanently deleted, writes Huber. A “classic Backup” did not exist in the private customer solution.

2. Paid by Swisscom to its customers, in fact, only 50 Swiss francs for the loss of potentially priceless memories?

The value of private photos is of course difficult to estimate in money. 50 Swiss francs will still appear low. However, the “vast majority of affected users – 98 per cent had lost only a very small proportion of your data (a maximum of 5 percent),” said Swisscom spokesman.

Swisscom’ve informed all affected customers personally and show, depending on the extent of the data loss, according to be accommodating. “The Information that we would have all 50 francs compensated, is so wrong,” writes Huber. With all the parties Concerned, which have been achieved, have you found a solution.

3. The files of customers are stored in MyCloud unencrypted and according to the Tamedia Newspapers for service employees free of cost. Is that true?

In the case of international competitors such as Dropbox are encrypted all the data and only for the customer to see. In the case of Swisscom, is encrypted, the Transmission of data to MyCloud, data storage, however, the Newspapers of Tamedia.

Huber disagrees: “The data by anyone except the users themselves “freely” accessible, but are stored in pieces in packages”. Only when retrieval by the user the parts of the Software would be merged and the user is delivered.

4. What are the concrete measures taken by Swisscom, so this kind of thing occurs?

The Swisscom have introduced additional security checks as well as a two-stage delete process, writes Huber. At the same time, the promise that the User deleted data is really removed from the System will be adhered to, “of course”.

5. Why has not informed Swisscom, but on the revelation by the media waiting for?

Because the Swisscom know of the affected customers, they have decided to inform you directly and personally, the Swisscom spokesman. “We regret the incident extremely, and are aware that this is connected with great inconvenience to our customers.” In addition, you have not taken all measures to ensure that such an incident from occurring in the future.

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