Queen Margrethe goes now – with a few months ‘ delay – in the matter of crown prince Frederik’s secret ski chalet, which in January led to massive criticism from both politicians as experts.

In a large fødselsdagsinterview with Berlingske takes queen Margrethe namely the leaf from the mouth and defends his son.

“I have seen that there have been some that got a little sore in the throat of the Danish crown prince chalet in Switzerland. But in fact I have great difficulty seeing why it should be so terrible,” says the Queen to Berlingske.

It was the magazine Here & Now, there back in January revealed that the royal couple for years have owned and also rented a 200 square meters big house, fully equipped with the bl.a. a jacuzzi, in the swiss town of Verbier.

It’s got bl.a. Unity and New Bourgeois to see red, because the royal couple have owned the house for ten years, without the public having known it, just as it also led to the criticism that the house was rented out.

“crown Prince Frederik is high on the state payroll, so he should not be the landlord of anything. It sets a stain on his judgement, and it comes not exactly convenient in a year where we must celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday,” said kongehusekspert Søren Jakobsen, among other things.

nevertheless, the queen Margrethe, the criticism unfair.

“I think it was because you did not know about it. It was not something that had been kept secret. It just wasn’t something that was talked about. When it does come forward, they say “oh, that was something we didn’t know!”. But it is not everything, you know!” says the Queen to Berlingske.