Queen guitarist played for koalas that survived the fire

British rock musician, guitarist of the legendary band Queen Brian may arranged a music session for Koala that survived fires of Australia. The video the actor posted on his page in Instagram.

the footage shows how on the shoulder of Brian may sitting Koala, holding his paws behind his neck. At this point, the musician plays the guitar. In the caption to the video, the guitarist of Queen wrote that in a veterinary hospital in Brisbane, he had a precious moment with the adorable rescued by the Koala. May said the professionals are doing incredible work to care for the survivors of the tragic fires in Queensland.

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Visiting time ! A precious moment with Bear — an adorable Koala rescued — in the RSPCA Animal Hospital, Wacol, Brisbane. These people are doing an incredible job of caring for the survivors of the tragic fires in Queensland. They need our support. More soon. Video capture by Sharon Ashley. Bri

Publish by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) 13 Feb 2020 7:06 PST

113 animal species are under threat of extinction due to raging fires in Australia, according to National Geographic. Among them also the Koala is one of the symbols of the country.