With Richelieu, a first feature film in his career, the young filmmaker Pier-Philippe Chevigny finds himself in official competition at the prestigious Tribeca festival in New York. This is the first time since Rebelle, by Kim Nguyen, in 2012, that a Quebec film has deserved such an honor.

The film, which notably stars Ariane Castellanos, Marc-André Grondin, Micheline Bernard, Nelson Coronado, Luis Oliva and Eve Duranceau, will therefore be presented as a world premiere in New York next June. It tells the story of Ariane, a translator played by Ariane Castellanos who is employed in a food processing plant that hires Guatemalan workers. The young woman befriends the workers and then defends them against the exploitation of which they are victims at the hands of their employer, played by Marc-André Grondin.

Originally from the Sorel-Tracy region, Pier-Philippe Chevigny distinguished himself with his short films Vétérane, presented at the Clermont-Ferrand and Namur festivals, as well as Recrue, screened in Toronto, Busan and Tirana, two works that have stand out for their rigorous documentary research process.