Quarantine on Diamond Princess: sent to the hospital dozens of cases

the Japanese foreign Ministry said that the quarantine of the cruise liner Diamond Princess, on Board of which 3,700 people, including 24 from Russia, will end on February 19. While all of our compatriots a healthy, but today the ship revealed more than 40 cases, and only with coronavirus were hospitalized 61 passengers of the ill-fated liner. Diamond Princess is two kilometers away from the port Ikegami, periodically updating the inventory of food and water.

video footage from the quarantine liner — in selfie mode. Isolated from other passengers to remove can only be themselves: “the Announcement from the captain of the ship, here is our dinner.”

At this point, the captain of the ship just announces the latest reports on new cases of infection.

Around noon, taken to the quarantine liner Diamond Princess began to drive up the ambulance. Already hour evacuation of 41 people. It is only in recent days has increased the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus on Board. They were ferried to hospitals in Tokyo and four other prefectures adjoining the capital.

In typical Japanese manner the operation is carried out most quietly. Inside the white sleeves are doctors in protective suits. From time to time to the output pulls up the ambulance, and then slowly, not including siren, pulls already with the patient.

the Total number of passengers and crew members infected with the virus, thus — 61. Most of the Japanese, the rest of the citizens of different countries — USA, Canada, Australia, and China.

British media widely reported drama with the newlyweds, who went on a cruise to spend their honeymoon. The groom with the coronavirus was taken to the hospital today, the bride is still on Board.

it is Known that one of the patients in serious condition. Among those sitting on the liner 24 citizens of Russia — cases no. Our Embassy is with them in constant contact, almost all day talking on the phone and the Internet.

“My colleagues continue raftbut to interact with the Japanese foreign Ministry in resolving medical issues that are associated with the stay on Board of our compatriots. Colleagues from the consular Department are constantly in touch with each of our citizen, we communicate with each Russian citizen,” — said Tatyana Kochkina, press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Japan.

“Only that we were given thermometers, rubber gloves to measure the temperature, if you suddenly feel bad,” says Arkady Bulatov.

the liner is maintained stringent quarantine regime. Arkady Bulgacov one of those passengers who were lucky with the cabin.

“We are not among the patients, fortunately, at the moment. Now all cabins are isolated, we are not allowed to get out of them. We have a balcony here, you can see and you can breathe fresh air. The opportunity, of course, is not at all, many ship cabins without balcony and without Windows,” he said.

just such a cabin that the passenger from Australia: “you must arise a claustrophobic feeling, sorry that I ask about this? — This is true, I really suffer some fear of closed space.”

“Our cruise is over, we are now in the quarantine area. The constant days of luxury have passed. Now we don’t make the bed and put a chocolate on the pillow, do not change towels and did not clean the bathroom,” says David Abel, a passenger liner.

To make them absolutely do not look like a prison in the camera, these people before they started to allow short turns in separate groups to walk on the top deck — a must in masks and not closer to each other less than a meter.

the Detection 41 of an infected person today, and another 20 in the previous two days does not mean that the number of infected people is growing daily. They were all sick before the start of the quarantine.

February 4, the doctors have identified risk suspected a virus. Only 273. Inzyali analysis only from them, and in the last three days of the declared results as they are received. Today was announced the last part of this group.

I’ll closely monitor the condition and if symptoms occur, immediately to inform the authorities.