because Of the alarming epidemiological situation in Dagestan, the Kremlin took the unprecedented step. Vladimir Putin personally live convinced Dagestanis to abandon the wide celebration of one of the main Muslim holidays — Eid al-Adha. Allies the President has drawn the head of the region Vladimir Vasiliev, still recovering from coronavirus mufti of the Republic Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, relevant Ministers and the Chairman of the National Assembly Khizri Shihsaidov. The latter, however, asked not to delay the adoption of amendments to the Constitution.

the Situation with coronavirus in Dagestan develops stress. The rumors of thousands infected and hundreds dead went abroad and actively discussed in social networks and the media. At the weekend the head of the health region publicly declared that in Dagestan from new infection died more than 40 doctors, whereas in the official statistics listed only 29 dead and doctors, and residents. Vladimir Vasilyev, whose face is almost completely concealed by a medical mask at the meeting, Putin refused to reveal their figures, but stressed: government not hiding anything. “Dear Dagestanis, there are questions. We can’t say for sure who died from what” — he stressed. And cited the example of mortality from respiratory diseases in the previous years: in 2018, for this reason, in Dagestan, died in 1374, and in 2019 — 1368 people. Without any coronavirus. “So when someone in our country or abroad, says: “You hide”, here simply will not work so easy and simple to share. We still have all the data to perform” — said Vasilyev. But he also pointed out that, most likely, it will not be so easy to do, since only 3% of Dagestanis allowed to open, the dead and carry out post-mortem examinations. And when you receive the vaccine, will have difficulty applying it, because even the measles vaccine, the population in the Republic makes it extremely reluctantly.

Putin Announced the global withdrawal of Dagestan, according to officials, was also held not like other regions. Together with the patient to the hospital in Derbent went with his extended family. They made the transfer, handed clothes, insisted on personal contact, were constantly in the hospital. But doctors, as found by the health Committee, “the red zone” I do not go and crawl didn’t do. “The Deputy Minister went and showed the example,” — said Vasilyev. He said that instead of easing the regime on the eve of Eid al-Adha in Dagestan will be strengthened: for compliance will be involved in law enforcement. The Governor asked residents to be sensitive to this decision. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova told about the other features of cor��of naverus in Dagestan. There’s a lot — almost 60% — kovenig pneumonia, whereas the national average is only 20%, few — less than a quarter (in Russia 45%) — asymptomatic and are often sick elderly (they account for over one third of all detected cases). Popov stressed that in the Republic now there is a “fragile stabilization” that you need to hold. “If you now start the communication, we get the growth and the worsening of severe cases,” warned the head of Rospotrebnadzor.

the Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi admitted that he still feels weak and sick. It is difficult to say, and next should be attending. Sheikh noted that since places come even more alarming data than was voiced by the head of the local Ministry of health: the deaths of 700 people and 50 doctors. Do not trust these figures, he has no grounds: they recorded the employees of the mufti, who travel through mountain villages and settlements that have fallen from the attention of the Ministry of health. “Yes, we can say that are to blame. But the negligence of the people is not a reason to throw them into such a disaster. We hope in God and with your specific support” — appealed to Putin Ahmad Afandi. He added that he cannot blame the doctors who refused to enter the “red zone”: people have a right to fear.

the President assured that Russia will not leave Dagestan in trouble. The MOE is mandated to carry out in the territory of the Republic of large-scale works for sanitation, and the Ministry of defence is to deploy the construction of the hospital is 200 beds, which then give the region. The necessary help will come in the region is also on the line of the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor. According to the President, he is counting on the fact that Dagestanis will heed the calls of clerics and spend Eid al-Fitr, which is celebrated on may 24, at home, refusing to collective prayers, and traditions to gather in large companies.

However, in the Republic the man who has not lost optimism and firmly believe that the epidemic will not last long and soon the government will be able to proceed with the implementation of pending decisions. “People ask that those amendments that we should make the Constitution of the Russian Federation, is not delayed, and was taken in a timely manner. People are waiting for that, understanding is!” — appealed to Putin, the speaker of the Parliament of Dagestan Khizri Shihsaidov.