Putin said that the abstract promise of vacation credit is necessary to nobody

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that “the abstract promises of” credit holidays “useless”. The head of state said at a meeting on measures to support the Russian economy in the part concerning Bank loans.

According to the President, the banking community should not just have, not in words but in deeds to help the citizens. In the current difficult economic situation, banks play an important role in the support of the population in the current environment and has already taken on a serious additional burden in the form of the assumed losses related to the anti-crisis assistance to their customers.

However, in many areas, people are faced with the fact that you can achieve from banks of vacation credit. The same difficulties experienced by the businessmen who want to obtain low-interest loans. Credit institutions or deny them, either delay time or agree to give credit to a completely unrealistic conditions.

“the Abstract promises that the lives of people not affected, nobody needs, and the effect of such decisions, from allocation of resources will be low” – quoted Putin, the press service of the Kremlin.

the decisions taken are not enough to declare, they need to work on all stages, stressed the President.

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