Putin reported on the future of the hottest summer in history

Coronavirus is not the only challenge that awaits this year of Russians. In Siberia already in a critical situation with natural fires, and soon the abnormal heat will come to other regions of the country. The Minister of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin has warned Vladimir Putin that this summer could be one of the hottest in history. This means that money and resources will be needed not only to combat COVID-19.

Vladimir Putin for the first few weeks was not one during a video conference, which this time was dedicated to natural disasters – floods and fires. The company President made man in every sense checked: the head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev from 2006 to 2015 he worked in the personal guard of GDP.

at First the head of state and his guest successfully retain the prescribed by physicians for social distance. However, when Putin needed to clarify something during the meeting, the distance between them was clearly lower section of two meters. However, Dmitry Peskov, has called on journalists not to worry: without checking the coronavirus to the President do not admit anyone.

Sinchew reported that the situation with the floods for the snowy winters in General, looks quiet. Serious problems here. The rise of water had already been completed in 44 regions. And today just waiting for ice drift on the Siberian rivers. The most difficult situation, according to the tradition in Lensk area, but rescuers are ready for any, even the most unfavorable development of events.

But with the fires, things are much worse. This year they began on 8 January (!), and to date, only one Krasnoyarsk region, the fire covered 20 thousand hectares of forest, 10 times higher than the same period last year.

Governor of the region Alexander USS has confirmed that the Minister is not exaggerating. “We have in some areas 30-35 degrees Celsius. And it’s April! Forest dry grass dry, no vegetation! It’s just a volatile environment!” – he stressed.

And the Minister of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin warned that other regions are also at risk of abnormal heat. Coming summer, he said, could be the hottest in the history or at least to enter the top five. “This is the forecasts of Roshydromet and foreign hydrometeorological stations”, – he said. Kobylkin said that the cause of the fires is not only a climate warming but also the failure by the citizens of the regime of self-isolation of coronavirus.

According to the emergencies Ministry, most fires are related to human factors. Senichev offered to share the arsonists into three categories: those who are not aware of the consequences, such as children, those who are aware, but do not want them (the adults who choose to cook) and those who are aware and wish (it is usually targeted at��jogi with criminal purposes).

According to the head of EMERCOM in Europe are on the path of stricter penalties, even for unintentional arson. For example, in Germany for unauthorized campfire, you can be jailed for up to one year, and in Belarus – up to 7 years. However, in Russia in the new Cao even the increase in fines is not provided. “You can’t fight fires exclusively prevention methods,” said Senichev. However, Vladimir Putin has supported strengthening the penalty only for premeditated arson, “if they are committed to cover up other offences, e.g. illegal logging”. But overall, he said, “the constant increase of responsibility does not always have to change the situation at hand” you need to look for realities.

after Hearing the reports of heads of regions, the President came to the conclusion that the burning or otaplivayutsya all the time the same territory, and the instructions given, for example, last year zamylivaetsya and not executed.

“Roads, eroded by floods in the Amur region has still not recovered and people are forced to drive on the potholes,” complained GDP. “You do ride on the roads, and realize that we should act faster!” – advised officials Putin. He stressed that all decisions concerning the liquidation of the consequences or warnings of emergencies, must be fulfilled in order of priority: the Ministry of Finance and the governors are requested to eliminate bureaucratic delays in funding works.