Mr Putin wrote the article. Dmitry Medvedev has written an article. Victoria Nuland wrote the article. In Siberia observed an Orthodox rebellion in Belarus — election of Lukashenko, was released Telegram, timidly peeking out from the bushes the idea of a tax on the rich, the stars danced with a tambourine around Ephraim… You’d think we had a week of change. However, in the kitchen, blue flower burning gas.

Putin’s Article about the Second world war, about our position on this issue — this is not an article at all, but an open letter. And not to us. Us it for the Soviet power agitate. Judging by the reaction in the West, the letter reached the addressee. Of course, it is difficult to have a dialogue when you bring the iron arguments and indisputable facts, and in response receive a “fool”. But we have no other choice. It is economically powerful States can afford to declare black white, and the whole world will dutifully repeat it. China can also. While we as the simpleton who can be right a thousand times, but no one will listen because he doesn’t like.

But Victoria Nuland, memorable cookies on the Maidan, wrote an article, like for internal use. About what you need to do to fix Russia in its patterns. Most important there is a call to work with Russian youth, 16 to 20 years. First, the protest in their blood simply because of their age. Even the most reasonable and best offer if it comes from “parents” would be interpreted critically, if not with hostility. Therefore, Nuland writes, they must actively invite the States to simplify their visa. And indulging in protest, at the same time to drive to the head of the “true” values of American democracy. Our “patriots” immediately cried: I hope it will draw the attention of the competent authorities. Ugh. Only one option possible: here, at us, in Russia life must be to come to USA Russian youth looked, and looked, and turned to walk back Home, that’s better.

But the Home has flown by Captain Obvious: Dmitry Medvedev also wrote the article. Explained, as we all have to fight the pandemic together, like I was, you need to analyze risks and to provide assistance to affected industries, and of other deep thoughts expressed. But most importantly there is one sentence about the main shock, which is experiencing domestic economy: “the fall in oil prices on the world market. This is the main shock, as the domestic economy has remained dependent on exports of hydrocarbons”. The same Medvedev by the same owner in September 2009 wrote an article “Russia, forward!”. Quote: “Should we continue to drag in our future primitive raw economy, chronic corruption, an inveterate habit to rely in the decision of problems n�� the state, on abroad, on any “the omnipotent doctrine” on anything, on anyone but on ourselves?” He was then President, then Prime again. On whom he relied? And Russia still retains and preserves the “dependence on exports of hydrocarbons”.

In the same old article, Medvedev wrote: “the Domestic business behind a small exception does not invent nor create the necessary things for people and technology. Trades that we have not produced, raw materials or imported goods”. A decade has passed. During the week, the working group ANO “Digital economy” (created for the effective implementation of the same national program) blocked the introduction to the project requirements on the establishment of the 5G network on domestic equipment. Because if the requirement to leave — these networks are not created on time. Domestic equipment just is not.

And never will. Will be all the same — declared breakthroughs, technological breakthroughs, national projects and nutsprogramme. And, under the counter, reckless oil trade. Until then, until we have the personality is more important than principles. For example, the principle of change of persons in power.

Now you can see how these principles are beating the Belarusians — however, there is also nothing new. We don’t want like in Belarus? So we have a chance to defend its principles in the near future without any riots.

the Benefit without the disorder while cost and Sredneuralskaya convent, which had seized the Abbot Sergius. While the schismatic and rebel only sends an ultimatum to the Patriarch. Curious to see how they figure out whose kung-fu, that is, Orthodoxy, is steeper. While on points leads Serge: one promoted them to the leftist agenda worth. It is generally individual needs understanding: what happens in our lives, if you reject violence, religion becomes a center of resistance?

this week, Mr Putin unexpectedly rejected the abuse of officials. We talked about the liquidation of the accident in Norilsk as a real anarchocapitalist (abbr. ancap — no compulsion, all voluntary market decides). View said, check out how the regulatory authorities work, but “not to slap to give”, and in the prevention. And this is after the culprit these same regulatory authorities on his plane carried. Amazing is not the word. On the other hand, Putin is also a man. Maybe summer, maybe tired, maybe just a good mood, not all the handles throw. But when there is a feeling that a disaster just in the mood of one man, turns into a nuisance type fallen on the carpet of a Cup of coffee, something is unfair.

Yes, even we are not abolishing judicial decisions on the lock, unlocked the Telegram. The lock, however, worked perfectly. Physically nothing and��manilas. But we got another confirmation: the courts are completely independent branch of government. It is itself, life itself.

As, indeed, other branches of government. They pretend that these things are changing, and we have “cigarettes in hand, tea on the table — the circle is complete, and then we become afraid to change something”. Isn’t that enough? Maybe not scary already? This song is 33 years old. The age of Christ.